Drake sings ‘I’m Like a Bird’ with Nelly Furtado in Toronto: Watch

Drake brought one of his musical idols to his stage at October world weekend in Toronto: Canadian Fellow Nelly Furtado.

“Thank God I’m a sweet, humble, well-spoken person – I like to treat people right – because that’s the only way you can get this next person out of the house to come and do what they want to do right now,ā€ Drake told his audience hometown club History Thursday evening (July 28).

“I don’t care how loud you sang tonight. Right now I need you to sing as loud as you possibly can because this took a lot,” he said.


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“This next person’s music changed my life so much,” Drake added. “I love her with all my heart, so when she comes out here you better show her some love too.”

Furtado then joined Drake on stage at a concert he had held billed as “a celebration of the music that paved the way for us all.” She belted out the 2006 hit “Promiscious” before launching her 2001 breakthrough, “I’m Like a Bird.”

Drake encouraged his “choir” of an audience member to sing along ā€” “they have beautiful voices,” he insisted ā€” to “I’m Like a Bird.” He also hummed to himself, faithfully crooning “even if my love is true” and other parts of the tune’s chorus before hugging the singer.

The October World Weekend festivities continue on Monday. Chris Brown and Lil Baby headlined the Budweiser Stage on Friday, July 29 and Drake, Nicki Minajand Lil Wayne will be on the same stage on Aug. 1.

Watch a clip from Thursday’s show below and see a concert photo Drake shared on Instagram.

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