Download Metallica’s Old-School concert in honor of the Zazulas

On Sunday, Nov. 6, Metallica stormed the stage at Hard Rock Live, a 7,000-seat theater in Hollywood, Fla., for an absolutely unforgettable evening. For nearly two hours, Metallica tore through their early catalog as they paid tribute John and Marsha Zazula.

To call it a special night would be a serious understatement. Metallica limited their song selection to songs from Kill them all and RID the lightning, along with two cover tracks – “Blitzkrieg” and “Am I Evil?” – which they regularly played at their early concerts. The studio versions of the covers were on the B-side of the single for “Creeping death” released in 1984 and was also included on Elektra’s ’88 reissue of Kill them all.

As amazing as the set list was, even more amazing was the fact that Metallica sounded objectively, large. The sound inside Hard Rock Live was dialed in and all four band members performed with a distinct intensity and energy. In fact, when the show ended, Robert Trujillo told the crowd that this was the most fun he’s ever had playing with Metallica.

Not surprisingly, fans are on Metallica’s social media has also been excited about the concert. One person said succinctly, “The best concert I’ve ever been to,” while another exclaimed, “This show was a religious experience.” The sound of the show has also been a common topic among fans, as someone shared Facebook“Boys played tight. Great sounding venue.”

Now, whether you were there in person or at home wishing you were, the Metallica family can relive the experience of this show over and over again thanks to the band’s ongoing archiving efforts.

You can stream and download Metallica is set for Hard Rock Live at and via; fans can also pre-order a physical one CD copy of the show herealso.

Metallica – Hard Rock Live – 2022, Blackened Recordings

Given the nature of this concert and the absence of big hits like “Enter Sandman“and”Master of Puppets“, there were plenty of rare and unique experiences. For example, it was only the seventh time that Metallica performed “No regrets” in the last decade. Not only that, but they played full version of the song, which is even more unusual.

Their cover of Blitzkriegs”Blitzkrieg” also doesn’t often find its way into their set list; performing it at Hard Rock Live was only the fourth time they pulled it off in the last 10 years. Then there are songs like “The Call of Ktulu“, which they have played since 1983 but have only performed it live 85 times, or “Trapped under ice“, which they have played only 28 times between 1984-2022.

With the end of this much awaited old school show, Metallica has one concert left on the 2022 calendar. They play Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Friday, Dec. 16, for this year’s Helping Hands concert and auction, to benefit them All Within My Hands Foundation. Similar to the Zazula tribute concert, tickets for All Within My Hands sold out quickly, but you can still get details about the show here.

Metallica’s Official Setlist — Nov. 6, 2022 at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida

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