‘DOOM Eternal’ publishers respond to Mick Gordon’s statement on controversy

The continuing rift between DOOM Eternal video game composer Mick Gordon and id Software studio director Marty Stratton have a new chapter, with the game’s publisher Bethesda now issuing a statement supporting Stratton and calling for an end to threats of fan violence against all parties involved in this dispute.

The beef has to do with the much maligned score too DOOM Eternal games and tensions that arose between Gordon and Stratton in the course of trying to meet deadlines for completion. In 2020, Stratton wrote a open letter on reddit put forward his side of the story and put much of the blame about the downfall of scoring at Gordon.

Then, earlier this month, Gordon offered his own open letter after continued impasses regarding a settlement in recent years. In it, he put his own version of the story and stated that he had been offered a six-figure sum to stop talking about it. His version of events placed much of the blame on Stratton, and a more detailed account was found here.

Now, DOOM Eternal Publishers Bethesda have issued their statement on the breach. In it, they back Stratton, calling Gordon’s latest statement a “distortion of the truth and selective presentation of incomplete ‘facts’.”

As part of Gordon’s recent letter, he spoke about threats received from fans of the game following Stratton’s initial letter, and it appears that Gordon’s rebuttal letter has had a similar effect with Bethesda calling for an end to all threats of violence or attacks against Stratton and those mentioned in Gordon’s letter along with Gordon.

You can read their full statement below.

The recent post by Mick Gordon both mischaracterized and misrepresented the team at id Software, the development of DOOM Eternal, Marty Stratton and Chad Mossholder with a one-sided and unfair account of an irreparable professional relationship.

We are aware of all the details and history of this case and unequivocally support Marty, Chad and the team at id Software. We reject distortion of the truth and selective presentation of incomplete ‘facts’. We are ready with full and fully documented documentation to disclose at an appropriate place as required.

The comments posted online have encouraged harassment and threats of violence against Marty, Chad and the id Software team. All threats of harassment directed at members of our teams will be met with prompt and appropriate action to protect their health and safety.

We remain incredibly proud of id’s past collaborations with Mick Gorden and ask fans to refrain from jumping to conclusions based on his account and, more importantly, from attacking any of the individuals mentioned on either side, including Marty, Chad or Mick.

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