Def Leppard dedicate new song ‘This Guitar’ to Queen Elizabeth II

As funeral preparations for Queen Elizabeth II are on, British rockers Def Leppard dedicated a new song to her on the final Stadium Tour 2022 stop. Def Leppard, next door Motley Crue, Married and Joan Jettplayed their last show of the massive summer tour to a wild crowd in Las Vegas.

Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott addressed the audience, explaining: “We’re going to dedicate this because we don’t have any songs specifically that refer to the circumstances, but we’re going to dedicate this anyway to the memory of Queen Elizabeth II, our monarch for [70] year, who died yesterday. God bless her. May angels sing her to rest, as her son said on television this morning. For her we make this one. This is called ‘This Guitar’.”

Def Leppard’s Joe Elliot Addresses Crowd at Las Vegas Stadium Tour Sept. 9 Stop

Def Leppard Facebook

Def Leppard Facebook

“This Guitar,” from the band’s latest album Diamond Star Halos, is a ballad about the singer’s love for their instrument, which he found when he was young. He says it was his “shoulder to cry on,” “the best of best friends” and “saved my life.” Full lyrics from “This Guitar” are also below.

Elliot is not the first musician to pay tribute to the late Queen in recent days. Six guns frontman Johnny Rotten tweeted a respectful RIP and “Send her victorious.” Eddie Vedder also covered the Beatles’ “Her Majesty” a day before Def Leppard’s dedication. And many more took to social media to lament the death of the long reigning monarch.

Later in the show, the Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee would make his own big announcement, dropped his pants to reveal that he had started an adult subscription account with OnlyFans, “ONLY” and “FANS” scrawled across his respective butt cheeks.

Queen Elizabeth II will be laid to rest at a state funeral on Monday, September. 19 in Westminster Abbey in London. She has been the sovereign of England since her father, King George VI, died in 1952. She was only 25 years old at the time.

Def Leppard “This Guitar” lyrics

17 o’clock
I have not seen
What makes us real
Then I found you
At 24
I wanted more
When no one else would listen
You sang to me
You are my shoulder to cry on
You are the best of friends
You brought fire to my fingers
You brought joy to no end
My brother, my sister, my lover, my wife
It’s crazy, I know, but this guitar saved my life
Broken down, border town
Feels like the end of time
Without you
You came to me (you came to me)
And made me see (and made me see)
Caress me with your honesty endlessly
You are my shoulder to cry on
You’re the best of best friends (best friends)
You brought fire to my fingers
You brought joy to no end (joy to no end)
My brother, my sister, my lover, my wife
It’s crazy, I know (I know), but this guitar saved my life

Def Leppard dedicates “This Guitar” to Queen Elizabeth II at Stadium Tour in Las Vegas 9/9/12

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