Deepflow’s Vismajor Company Label Shuts Down, Announces Last Concert

Deepflow announced yesterday (January 4) that his label, Vismajor Company (VMC) will cease all operations and terminate all of his artists’ exclusive contracts this month.

The Vismajor Company website currently lists nine rappers – including Deepflow, Nucksal, Don Mills, Rohann, Los, Hwaji, Wutan, QM and Odee – and six DJ producers: TK/Van Ruther, BUGGY, Holyday, Fredi Casso, Babynine, and FRIEND.

The South Korean rapper-producer and VMC CEO took to Instagram to deliver the surprising news along with a black and white photo of the VMC crew.

Deepflow also shared that there are “some finished projects left” to be released, and a final concert from the label will be held on February 5th.

Its official YouTube account also released a short montage of VMC over the past 9 years, titled “Trails of 9Th Wonder”, showing the renamed logo as “Vismajor Crew.”

Vismajor Company started as a team between Deepflow, Babynine, Wutan and VEN in 2011 and was formally established in 2014 and has produced 45 full-length albums, EPs and singles. Deepflow has self-released 3 albums under his label, including the 2020 LP, Founder, which was nominated for Hip Hop Album of the Year at the 2021 Korean Hip-hop Awards (KHA).

VMC dropped its first compilation album Run VMC in 2013. The label’s accolades include Artist of the Year for Deepflow and the award for Best Rap and Hip-Hop Song for his track “Jakdu” at the 2016 Korean Hip-hop Awards. The following year, Nucksal’s debut album, The god of small things (작은 무라의 신), won Hip Hop Album of the Year. VMC was nominated as Label of the Year in 2021.

Below is the English translation of Deepflow’s statement (via SPOT TV):

Hello, this is Vismajor Company.

Formed in 2011, Vismajor Crew became a company in 2014 and operated as a brand for 9 years.

And in January 2023, VMC will end its business development and all artists’ exclusive contracts and return to crew.

First of all, we would like to express our deep gratitude to the fans who have supported and loved the music and progress of our Bismajor Company for a long time.

Starting from a small underground studio in Hapjeong-dong, VMC has grown to produce a total of 45 full-length albums, EPs, and numerous singles.

The results are compiled to add VMC’s name to the heyday of Korean hip-hop companies.

All these achievements were made possible only thanks to your support and love.

Vismajor Crew will continue to have a valuable relationship and will continue to deliver great music at their respective locations.

Support the future of the artists who will enter a new chapter in their lives and the employees who have worked so hard.

There are still some finished projects left. We will be announcing news soon about the albums ahead of the January release and the final label concert on February 5th.

Please decorate the last page of VMC together.

I wish you a happy new year in 2023 and I hope you enjoy peace, happiness and all your wishes.

Once again, I am deeply grateful to all of you who have looked after the Vismajor Company.

Revisit VMC’s 2021 cypher below:

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