David Lee Roth Shares Van Halen Tribute ‘Nothing Could Have Stop Us…’

This week, David Lee Roth released “Nothing Could Have Stopped Us Back Then Anyway”, a solo song that according to Van Halen News Deskwas recorded in 2007 with a guitarist John 5.

It’s a touching acoustic tribute to Van Halen and a memoir of their time together on the road, told from Roth’s perspective as the lead singer of the influential rock band. Roth, Van Halen’s first classical vocalist from 1974 to 1985, last returned to the group in 2007. Van Halen subsequently dissolved after guitarist Eddie Van Halendead in 2020.

Read Roth’s touching lyrics and listen to “Nothing Could Have Stopped Us Back Then Anyway” at the bottom of this post.

Van Halen fans have been aware of the track’s existence since last year when John 5 mentioned it AL.com. “Dave writes great songs,” said the guitarist. “He’s written some of the most amazing songs of our lifetime and Dave worked really hard on those lyrics. I’m not sure when it’s coming out or if it’s coming out, but I hope it does.”

He added: “There’s one I want to tell you about called ‘Nothing Could Have Stopped Us’. And it’s incredible. Being a Van Halen fan and a Dave Lee Roth fan, it’s incredible because it’s about , that Dave sings about Van Halen and what it was like. Really special, so I really hope it comes out.”

Following the song’s release on Thursday (July 28), John added 5 in a messages on social media“I remember being in the studio with Dave cutting this track, it was magical one of my fondest memories. I’ve loved Van Halen my whole life and that will never change.”

Earlier this month, radio host Eddie Trunk suggested that Roth delayed a potential Van Halen tribute tour or concert first mentioned by fv.Metallica bassist Jason Newsted. In April, Newsted said it was to show him and the guitarist Joe Satriani – member of the Chicken feet with Sammy Hagaranother former Van Halen singer — along with Alex Van HalenVan Halen’s drummer and Eddie’s brother.

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“Nothing could have stopped us then anyway” Lyrics

We laughed, we cried
We threw the television off that balcony
That memory means so much to me
No doubt in me, I think
That no one listens to both sides
Except the neighbors
The fine art of compromise
Happy to lose half my
Because she loses her half later

First taste of being a victim
Of the songs I sing
Ended with ‘Say Goodbye’
And “I hope I hear good things”
Go away, go away

Nothing could have stopped us then anyway
Remember when you safely attached the tablecloth to my pants?
And I rose to the sound of dancing
And the sound of our romance begins
Kicked out of the restaurant to make the night complete
Six-pack and a good meal on a bench in the park down the street
Dinner with Tennessee’s elite

‘Once upon a time’
That’s how an adventure sells it
‘Sit down, you won’t believe this shit’
That’s how the trucker tells it
Start the band, hire the piper we pay
Nothing could have stopped us then anyway

David Lee Roth, “Nothing Could Have Stopped Us Then Anyway”

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