Hear David Gilmour Guest On New Donovan Song ‘Rock Me’

Donovans upcoming album, Gaelia: The Sulan Sessionsoffers a number of guest artists, including David Gilmour.

That Pink Floyd the icon’s contribution can be heard on the track “Rock Me” below; he also added elements to the closing song “Lover O’ Lover”, a clip of which can be heard Donovan’s website.

A press release noted that the album, which arrives on Dec. 15, “celebrates Donovan’s Gaelic roots” while also representing a mixture of several styles. “The fusion of my Gaelic roots styles, with my poetry and melodic composition, signature finger-style guitar phrasing, classic gypsy strings, vocal emotion and Gaelic rock, is a complete success for me on Gaelia,” he said. “I have fulfilled my duty again as a living shaman-poet. All the guests excelled and Dan Fitzgerald produced with me, [enhanced] the songs with their superlative talents, [showing] great respect for all I have achieved in bringing worldwide appreciation of our Gaelic tradition.”

You can see a full tracklist below.

Donovan recently shared Variety how the collaboration with Gilmour came about, saying they had met at a country estate. “David and I were talking about how he had bought my cottage in the 60s when I married Linda and moved on. ‘Why?’ I asked, he said my album track ‘Three Kingfishers’ – off my Sunshine Superman album from 1966 – had launched him in a heavenly musical direction, and when I sold my summer house where so many of my songs were written, he wanted to be in my creative space. Makes sense in a Floyd way!”

Of his new album, Donovan added: “David had already learned to fly (he also wrote a song about it) and flew himself into Ireland for the session. David brought his guitar roadie who set up two amps in the studio, David handed his pink Strat and his unique signature sound thrilled us all.”

Gaelia is available for pre-order now.

Listen to Donovan’s ‘Rock Me’ with David Gilmour

Donovan, ‘Gaelia: The Sulan Sessions,’ Tracklist

1. “The Moon Over Clare”
2. “Watch the Sun Go Down”
3. “Glasgow Town”
4. “The Ferryman’s Daughter”
5. “The Host of Pagan Song”
6. “Where Are You Now”
7. “Live by Love”
8. “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”
9. “Madrigalinda”
10. “Down by the Harbor”
11. “Rock Me”
12. “Lovers O’ Lovers”

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