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David Banner has a new reason to celebrate as the Mississippi producer, rapper and scholar has been honored with his own day at Louisiana’s Southern University and A&R College.

As part of an official proclamation, Banner (real name Lavell Crump) shared on Instagram that November 3 will now forever be recognized as “Lavell Crump Day” at Southern University’s School of Business.

That was also the announcement a scholarship in Banner’s name would be “executed” in the fall of 2023.

“They almost brought a tear out of me!!!” Banner posted about the achievement on IG and shared a photo of him holding the official proclamation document.

David Banner had previously teased his commitment to Southern University, his alma mater, with an Instagram post featuring the university’s logo on Thursday (November 3). Banner was also seen having an intellectual conversation on the school’s campus about how to communicate with closeted “elders” about legal marijuana and its benefits.

David Banner’s monumental achievement comes after he shared his thoughts with TMZ in April approx Jack Harlow’s explosive riseand spoke transparently about how Harlow’s whiteness ultimately benefited him.

David Banner is proud of the black community for organizing after the death of George Floyd

“White people in America … white people in the world are propped up on everything,” Banner began. “White people’s whiteness benefits them everywhere in the world. Of course, systematic racism is all over the world! Even the so-called good white people know white supremacy and the way dark skinned people are treated, that being white helps them.

“As much as they don’t want to see black people die in the middle of the street, they know that white supremacy benefits them. Of course! I think he would tell you that. It doesn’t matter what you do. If white people controls the structures, it will benefit them.”

In an earlier interview last year, Banner also accused modern rappers of ripping off Migos style and said that the South must give back to the South in a more meaningful way.

“Southerners don’t give Southerners credit, so how is anyone else going to give us credit?” Banner said in an interview with Hip Hop uncensored. “I don’t know what our disconnect is from history and we want to abandon it. … As soon as hip-hop moves on from the South, I want somebody to look back and give us credit.”

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