Jessie Reyez, Snow Tha Product & Adriel Favela Get Real About Breaking Gender Norms In ‘Cultura Clash’

Jessie Reyez, Snow Tha Product and Adriel Favela came together to talk about the ways they’re disrupting gender roles and why it matters in Latin music room in a new episode of Billboard’s Culture clash (see above).


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See the latest videos, charts and news

“I didn’t really fit in most times in my 10-year music career until now,” says regional Mexican singer Favela. “I felt lost all the time, but it’s just having the Mexican-American culture and being proud of it. There was a moment where I was the first one to get regional Mexican, and that was a bad thing. It wasn’t until I decided to be myself and have fun with it that people connected with it.”

The Mexican-American rapper Snow could also relate.

“I was raised very traditionally Mexican. They take your biggest insecurity and make it your nickname. So they definitely did that to me,” she notes. “They drew a lot on the type of person I was or what I did. It made me want to be very true to myself and that’s how I ended up putting everything into music. I learned to love myself because of the way the fans loved me for being myself.”

When it comes to defending their art, Colombian-Canadian singer-songwriter Reyez assures that it’s “a given in this business.”

“I feel like my skin has gotten a little bit thicker over the years,” she elaborates. “Sometimes you just have to have fun. I have to be careful that I don’t become a character of myself to go against the grain. I just have to do what I want to do, regardless of whether I’m being cheered on or not, because the cheers have to come internally for them to be valid.”

On this week’s episode, hosted by YouTube’s AJ Ramos and presented by Capital One, the three artists also opened up about receiving backlash on social media, the artist they most admired growing up for breaking gender norms and more.

“The simple fact of being human deserves respect,” Favela states proudly.

Now in its second season, Culture clash — hosted by Latin executive AJ Ramos — spotlights Latin artists and influencers discussing popular topics in Latin culture and music. A new episode airs every Wednesday on, social media and Billboard’s YouTube channel. Watch this week’s episode above.

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