Crystal Lake vocalist Ryo Kinoshita leaves band Issues Statement

Long-time Tokyo-based metalcore outfit Crystal Lake is undergoing a significant change as vocalist Ryo Kinoshita has announced his exit from the group.

Kinoshita was the band’s second vocalist, joining the group in 2012 following the exit of original frontman Kentaro Nishimura. In his post, the singer revealed that he has been dealing with an illness known as adjustment disorder that has made it difficult for him to continue with the group. The disease is something that has affected him for the past five years, and he has made the decision to step out of the group. The band did not name an immediate successor.

His full statement can be read below:

I have decided to leave Crystal Lake.

I sincerely apologize to all the fans and everyone involved for whom I have caused a lot of trouble since the hiatus from last September.

As previously mentioned in the hiatus announcement last year, I have an illness known as adjustment disorder and I have decided that it will be extremely difficult for me to continue as a member of the band in the future.

It was definitely not an easy decision, but I think I made the best choice by taking the time to reflect on myself.
I fought for 10 years and continued to fight. I didn’t have many allies and I relied on myself and the votes of the fans.

I have suffered from adjustment disorder for about 5 years. Some days I can’t sleep, some days I can only sleep. Sometimes everything goes pitch black and you can’t move like a corpse. There were many times when I couldn’t stop crying before a live show.

But I’m proud of what Crystal Lake has accomplished around the world and what they’ve accomplished with the help of our crew, staff and everyone.

Crystal Lake has arguably been the number one live band in the world for the past decade.

Many thanks to all the fans who supported me during the 10 years I was here.


Meanwhile, sharing Ryo’s statement, the band also revealed their plans to “turn the page to a new chapter in 2022.”

Our longtime vocalist Ryo has decided to retire from Crystal Lake.

Crystal Lake will turn the page to a new chapter in 2022.

Thank you, everybody.

Ryo Kinoshita first appeared on the band’s third studio album, 2015’s The sign. It was then followed by 2016’s True North and the 2018s Helix records. Guitarist Yudai “YD” Miyamoto remains the band’s longest tenured member, having been with the group since their formation in 2002.

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