Courtney Love says Brad Pitt ‘pushed me a bridge too far’ after Kurt Cobain movie pitch

Courtney Love clarifying her comments a day after she joined Marc Maron for an interview about him WTF podcast, where the Hole frontwoman claimed it Fight Club old Brad Pitt got her fired from the role of Marla Singer after a tense conversation about a potential Kurt Cobain movie.



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In an Instagram statement posted on Friday (Dec. 30), Love said the situation was “a story I never wanted to tell,” but Pitt had “pushed me a bridge too far.” She continued: “I don’t like the way he does business or wields his power. It’s a simple fact and it started during the production of Fight Club.”

The singer then clarified that she’s “not here 22 years later because she lost a role playing someone else’s sidekick in a movie,” doubling down that the story she told on the podcast was true. “The point is, Brad kept harassing me about Kurt,” she wrote.

“With all this anger in our history, one might ask why I took another pitch for Kurt’s movie from Brad after all these years? It’s because I’m on the mend. And anger is like drinking poison and hoping it second door,” Love said. “I was beyond mad about it. Plus I heard Pitt was dealing with the same demons. So we may both have changed our spiritual worldviews. Not to be.”

Love then said that after she rejected Plan B Films’ pitch for the late Nirvana frontman with Pitt as producer, she was “not heard” and “ignored”.

“I told the story because I felt Pitt wouldn’t stop pursuing Kurt — unless I said so publicly,” she continued. “If he’s mad at me, that’s his problem. I enjoy him immensely as a movie star. Not so much as a biopic producer.”

She concluded by noting that Helena Bonham Carter, who eventually secured the role Love claims she was fired from, “was completely and utterly meant to be Marla Singer, and I don’t carry her or Edward Norton or David Fincher or Art Linson […] any ill will.”

On it WTF Podcast, which aired earlier this week, Love claimed she “went nuclear” on Pitt after actor-director Gus Van Sant pitched her a film about her late husband. “I wouldn’t let Brad play Kurt,” she said. “I went nuclear. I’m not doing Faust. Who the hell do you think you are?”

She added that she told Pitt, “I don’t know if I trust you, and I don’t know that your movies are for profit. They’re really good movies about social justice, but… if you don’t understand me, You’re kind of not getting Kurt, and I don’t want that, Brad.”

Love that married Nirvana frontman in 1992 and was with him until his death aged 27 in 1994, revealed that after that conversation she was fired from Fight Club.

A source close to the film shared in a statement Billboard“Nearly twenty-five years ago, Courtney Love to audition for a role in Fight Club, a role she was never offered at any point. You can’t be fired for a job you didn’t get. It is common knowledge that roles are not determined by other actors but by the director.”

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