Couple gets engaged in the pit at the While She Sleeps Show

While she sleeps recently shared a video of a couple getting engaged at one of their shows in Frankfurt, Germany. Watch as the guy drops to one knee in the middle of the mosh pit.

The video shows While She Sleeps in their dressing room, with guitarist Sean Long saying that “someone wants to propose to their other better half, we’ll let them do it in the middle of the mosh pit,” while another band member comments, “Ya damn loved up bastards. “

The video then cuts to the crowd during their show, and after While She Sleeps proclaims, “This guy’s got something to ask,” the guy then kisses his girlfriend as a flashlight shines on them in the middle of the mosh pit. You can hear the crowd applaud as soon as the man drops to one knee and asks her, “Will you marry me?” while the band cheers them on on stage.

The girlfriend appears to be in shock as she holds her hands over her face and appears to be crying before saying yes. The couple embrace as the crowd goes wild and the band says, “She said yes!!”

Then the newly engaged man stands with a few other people in the middle of the mosh pit and bows as a wall of death forms and then people start moshing.

Congratulations to the newly engaged couple, who we’re sure will never forget how and where they got engaged, and neither will While She Sleeps. Watch the touching video of the proposal below.

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