Corey Taylor + Jim Root Consider Project Outside Slipknot + Stone Sour

Corey Taylor and Jim Root have worked together before outside Slip knot, and it looks like there’s a chance they could do it again. While talking to Metal hammerTaylor revealed that he and Root have discussed potentially starting a new project together.

Taylor and Root are both part of “the 9” of Slipknot, and also famously worked together in Stone Sour until Root and the band went their separate ways. Root would be very vocal in the immediate period following his dismissal, saying that he wanted to “get away from the sinking ship.” In 2019 thoughyears after his exit, Root stated that it was for the best that he left, revealing that he and Taylor were on better terms and that “we would have just ended up killing each other and driving each other crazy” if he had got in a band.

Now, it appears the two musicians may be ready to give their collaborative partnership outside of the band another shot.

“He and I are very different people,” Taylor says Metal hammer“and we were both going through our own shit in life. We reconnected and we’re actually talking about doing some stuff on the side, outside of Slipknot and Stone Sour.”

Stone Sour are also currently on hiatus, suggesting their pairing would not see Root return to the band.

Speaking about her renewed working relationship and friendship with Root, Taylor continued, “It’s cool to find your friend again and realize you can get back to people you care about. Honestly, I can’t sit here and say, that I wasn’t responsible for some of the bad feelings. That can only come with self-reflection and the fact that the things that were going on in my life rippled and affected other people. Once you realize that, you can begin to mend bridges by showing people you’re really sorry.”

Although further details about the project were not revealed, the two will definitely work together on the next Slipknot album. Slipknots The end, for now is due on Sept. 30 and pre-orders are accepted here. You can also look for Taylor and Root on stage with Slipknot as the band continues to tour in support of their upcoming release. Tickets can be found here.

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