Corey Taylor tells fans what his first ever fiction novel is about – ‘It’s as cool as you think’

Slip knot singer Corey Taylor has revealed what his very first fiction novel will be about. Yes, that’s right – the rock and metal musician, who has broken the literature with his autobiographical books, is now attempting a long narrative fiction.

But are readers and Slipknot fans ready for it?

Taylor, the often-masked Slipknot lead singer who is also a solo artist and bandleader for Sten angryshared the new book launch with those in attendance at this year’s event For the love of horror, a horror convention that took place in Manchester, England on Oct. 22-23.

If things go according to his plan, the musician will use the novel’s same characters in several subsequent books.

During a Q&A session with For the Love of Horror, Taylor explained, “I actually started [writing the new book] about a year ago. … I don’t want to give too much away because I don’t want to get too much in[to it]. Because I’m still trying to map it out. I have only written the first three chapters. But it has to do with a psychic, a witch, a serial killer and a demon. And yes, it’s as cool as you think.” (as transcribed by Blabbermouth)

He continued: “It’s weird. The psychic develops this kind of psychic bond with the serial killer who doesn’t realize he’s psychic. So it’s an interesting twist. And if I do it right, I plan to use the central characters in several other books. So if the first one doesn’t stink, we’ll see what happens. … But it might as well be some ass. But at least I’m going, Okay. Well, we don’t do novels anymore.

Taylor added: “But that’s the thing – you try it. If you have a taste for it and you develop a talent for it and if it’s good and if people dig it, then you can go on and see how far you can take But if people say, “Yeah, don’t do that anymore,” then I’ll listen. I promise I’ll listen.”

Taylor has shared his myriad thoughts on many non-fiction topics in his previous books. They included America 51 (2017), You make me hate you (2015), A funny thing happened on the way to heaven (2013) and Seven Deadly Sins (2010). Have you read any of the Slipknot singer’s books?

And when it comes to printed materials, the rocker is only interested in novels. It was recently reported that Taylor plans to relaunch the vintage horror fanzine Famous Monsters of Filmlanda genre-specific magazine that was published until the early 80s.

As for his music, Slipknot just released their seventh album, The end, for now, in September. Last year’s pre-release single, “The Chapeltown Rag,” paved the way for the latest full-length. Subsequently came the first proper single, The Dying Song (Time to Sing),” arrived in July. Another single, “Yen,” came out in August. Listen to the album here. Get Slipknot tickets on this link.

Slipknot, “The Dying Song (Time to Sing)” (Music Video)

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