Cole Swindell crosses performing with Tim McGraw off his Bucket List

by Tiffany Goldstein

3 hours ago

Country music star Cole Swindell has earned a handful of prestigious awards over the years, but he’s considering singing along Tim McGraw the “coolest” moment of his career so far.

That “Never say never” artist took to social media late Tuesday (August 2) night to reveal footage from his latest performance with the icon at the Faster Horses Festival in Michigan. McGraw served as the headliner at the Midwest concert and surprised his lively audience with Swindell during his smash hit, “I like it, I love it.”

Swindell documented the entire experience and had a videographer capture the bucket list moment from start to finish. Before taking the stage with the Louisiana native, Swindell showed off a vintage McGraw t-shirt under his denim button-up.

“One of the coolest moments of my career is about to happen…” the hitmaker wrote in the captions. “Song”I like it, I love it‘ with the man himself,” he added.

Swindell tackled the classic with aplomb as the duet sparked a roaring sing-along. The thunderous reply took the 39-year-old back.

“They never sang it that loud when I covered it in college,” he recalled. “Glad someone caught this because I might be blacking out up there!!!”

The musician went on to thank McGraw for his contributions to the country music genre and for playing a pivotal role in his artistry.

“Thank you Tim for everything you’ve done for country music,” he expressed with gratitude. “And inspires me to do what I love,” he ended the video.

The world-renowned songwriters Jeb Stuart Anderson, Mark Hall and Steve Dukes co-wrote “I like it, I love it.” Released in 1995, the midtempo track lives on in his 12-song collection, “Everything I want.” The single peaked at No. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and became McGraw’s third No. 1 single on the Hot Country Songs chart.

It’s not the first time Swindell has spoken out about his love for McGraw, having previously caught up with Marty Smith at Outsider Studios to discuss the first time he crossed paths with the country phenom. Swindell said he met McGraw at the 2014 ACM Awards and before he could introduce himself, “Humble and friendly” the singer reached out for a handshake.

“He kind of turns around and sticks his hand out,” he told the broadcast of the sudden encounter. “And he says, ‘Hey Cole, Tim, nice to meet you. Knew my name. He said, ‘I sing your song’Chill it‘when I pick up my daughters from the school line every day’.”

He told the publication that McGraw’s comment left him teary-eyed and speechless.

“My eyes were watering, I couldn’t even speak,” Swindell recalled. “I patted him on the shoulder… and I walked about twenty meters and had to come back and apologize.”

Swindell is currently preparing its nationwide Down To The Bar Tour. The powerhouse vocalist is slated to embark on his run this September. 23 with direct support from breakout stars Ashley Cooke and Dylan Marlowe.

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