CMT Roundup: New music from Kelsea Ballerini, Craig Morgan, Ian Munsick, Priscilla Block and more

by Tiffany Goldstein

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It’s hard to have the blues in the summer when country music’s hottest stars are belting out joyride anthems and beach songs. CMT’s new Music Friday playlist is overflowing with ear-worthy tunes from Ashley McBryde, Luke Combs, Mitchell Tenpenny, Lady A, and more. So turn the volume up to ten and add your next new favorite tune to your daily rotation.

The CMTS full Roundup playlist is linked at the bottom of the story.

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Craig Morgan“How You Make A Man”: Army veteran turned country hitmaker Craig Morgan, understands firsthand that life is full of lessons and that everything happens for a reason. Putting his buttery baritone vocals on full display, he explains that wisdom is gained through triumphs and tribulations in his empowering new single, “This is how you make a man.” The lyrics written by Michael August, Megan Conner and Skip Black are destined to dig deep and make listeners reflect.

“It’s the good days bad days goodbye heartbreak | The taillights fade because you didn’t say enough The loss and the tears and the lies and the beers The words you find the ones you walk away from You run, you crawl, you get up, you fall | You hit your knees ‘Til you understand Yes, that’s how you make a man,’ he belts out in the soul-stirring chorus.

This is how you make a man” serves as the lead track from his upcoming compilation “God, Family, Country (Deluxe Edition).” The 14-track project will be released on Veterans Day (November 11) and will coincide with his headlining show at Nashville’s legendary Ryman Auditorium.

“This song makes a strong statement about how you have to go through things and sometimes experience difficult things in life to become a better person,” Morgan shared of the Phil O’Donnell-produced single.

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Kelsea Ballerini“The Little Things”: Country-pop singer Kelsea Ballerini has declared that “The little things” in a relationship makes her butterflies flutter. The breezy bop marks the third release from her forthcoming fourth studio album”Subject to change” and follows her wild west anthem “Love is a cowboy.”

The lively instrumentals infused with upbeat acoustic guitar riffs and handclaps will have country fans swinging their hips at the very first verse. In the fairytale-like anthem, Ballerini rattles off the small acts of kindness her prince charming can do to bring her happiness.

“It’s when we’re a full room put your hand on my back | And waiting for me in the morning with my coffee black | Back to the basics ’cause they’re bigger than they seem, yeah,” she sings with his floating pipes. “Give me the typical, simple love | It’s the little things, mm, mm-mm | Yeah, it’s the little things.”

The powerful vocalist released a video that exudes Cinderella-esque energy to go along with the new single. “Subject to change” is set to drop on Sept. 23, the day before Ballerini embarks on her 10-night headlining tour.

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Ian Munsick“More Than Me”: Ian Munsick’s New Faith-Driven Track “More than me“, is bound to leave a tear in your eye. Munsick’s signature Rocky Mountain sound intertwined with the romantic lyrics make the heartfelt ballad a perfect wedding hymn. After watching a close friend exchange vows, the Wyoming-born singer wrote- songwriter “More Than Me” with Phil O’Donnell, Carlton Anderson and Casey Beathard.

“The title hit me when I attended my friend’s wedding in Tennessee a few years ago,” Munsick shared. “Like any good songwriter, I stole it from the groom after he said, ‘I love her because she loves Jesus more than she loves me.’ What a concept. His words inspired me to keep every lyric in ‘More Than Me ‘ true to that event and my life. Like many of my songs, love is the theme – but this one feels bigger. There is no greater love than a man for his wife, a mother for her child and the Father for his children.”

The fast-rising star said that creating “More than me” was a difficult task as the narrative carried considerable weight.

“To tie all these relationships into a three-minute story was a challenge that took me a little over three years to wrap my head around… it was worth the wait,” he added.

More than me“coming on the heels of his successful hit”Love Live Cowgirls” with hitmaker Cody Johnson. The collaboration recently peaked at #1 on SiriusXM’s The Highway’s Hot 30 Countdown and garnered over 40 million on-demand streams.

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Priscilla Block“Off The Deep End”: New artist on the way Priscilla Block dives into new music on Friday and is making waves with his single,”Off the deep end.” Block created the ultimate summer jam with seasoned songwriters Martin Johnson and Brandon Paddock. The fun and flirty lyrics will inspire country fans to show their carefree side as Block encourages listeners to let loose.

“You can find me at the bar Shutting down Broadway | Going too hard Batshit crazy | Somewhere stickin’ to the floor And only good on pour | Yeah, I’m right back here again Like it’s just another night | Hangin’ on a cowboy,” she sings, showing off her sassy twang. “Drinking Busch Light Like a small town tabloid | Turn the dial up to ten | The whiskey’s all right, jump in Goin’ off, off, off, off , off the deep end.”

Off the deep end” shows Block’s superstar potential as she marches to the beat of her own drum by being unapologetically herself.

“We had such a blast creating ‘Off the Deep End’. Hope this one makes you feel a little wild, whether it’s at the bar, by the pool, or you’ve found your Boat Daddy this summer!” said Blok. “Life is short – sometimes you gotta let your crazy side show! I’m right there with you, Off the Deep End!”

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