CMT Roundup: New music from Dierks Bentley, Brooke Eden, Noah Thompson and more

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Dierks Bentley returns to his country/bluegrass roots this week with his new single, “Gold,” which should check every box for fans and country radio. Brooke Eden lays down some hard truths in “Knock” and “American Idol” viewers find out what music Noah Thompson has been making.

Other new music out this week includes tracks from Ingrid Andress, Chase Rice, Ronnie Dunn and more. To hear them all, visit CMT’s Roundup playlist at the bottom of the story.

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Dierks Bentley, “Gold”: The up-tempo, relentless celebration of life’s unexpected twists and turns is a reminder to appreciate every experience instead of living only for the next mountaintop moment. The gratitude banger incorporates familiar country electric guitar tones with driving riffs, acoustic guitars and a happy, infectious melody for a track that feels like a relatable and ready-made hit for country music audiences.

“2020 was a chance for me to give my guitar and the road some rest,” Bentley said in a statement. “It gave me the chance to spend a lot more time adventuring outdoors with family and friends, but also alone. It also gave me time to reset and rekindle my love for country music and many of the types of songs and sounds that I fell in love with in when I first came to Nashville. I think you’ll hear it in this first track, but it carries across the whole album.”
“Gold” is the debut single from Bentley’s upcoming 10th studio album.

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Brooke Eden“Knock”: Written by Eden, Steph Jones and Jesse Frasure, “Knock” is an empowering mid-tempo about how loving someone—and being loved in return—isn’t hard when it’s the right person.

Lyrics include: Oh, you’ve been locked out of an empty room| But your mother didn’t raise no fool You don’t have to knock, knock, knock On a heart that opens up for you baby, baby|The world won’t stop if it’s just not in the cards|That you’ve been playing with baby, baby

“My friends call me Brooke ‘the truth’ Eden because you don’t come to me for advice if you want the glitzy, sugar-coated advice. You come to me if you want the hard truth that you don’t really want hear but need to hear. So this song is that it’s from an outside perspective. You’re talking to someone you care about. You’re trying so hard in this relationship with this person like you’re giving 110 percent. I watching that they don’t give you anything in return. Love shouldn’t be like that. I feel like because I’m in love and have been in love for six and a half years, I now know what love looks like.”

“Knock” is from Eden’s new EP “Choosing You,” available today.

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Noah Thompson“Stay”: The country community may have just learned Noah Thompson’s name, but the breakout star is making it clear he’s here to “Stay.” On the heels of winning “American Idol,” Thompson dropped a remarkable rendition of Rihanna’s R&B hit.Stay.” Thompson’s astonishing vocal control and clear sound are destined to catapult him to stardom.

The way the Kentucky native fused his traditional country sound with smooth R&B instrumentals proves he’s a musical risk-taker unafraid to push boundaries. Thompson delivered the track from Mikky Ekko and Justin Parker on the hit competition show and instantly gained a loyal fan base. The performance video on YouTube, showing his magnetic stage presence and soaring pipes, has amassed a million views.

“I feel like my performance of ‘Stay’ was one of my biggest moments on the show and after seeing the way the fans reacted, I knew I wanted to put a country version of the song out into the world ,” the newspaper writes. – comes artist shared.

Stay“follows his debut single”One day tonight,” a romantic love song that scored No. 1 on the iTunes All Genres and Country charts. The new artist is now rubbing elbows with world-renowned producers and songwriters, including Jimmy Robbins.

“From the second you meet Noah, you root for him,” Robbins explained. “Not only is he incredibly talented, but he’s one of the most genuine people I’ve worked with. When he steps up to the mic in the studio, it feels like he’s been doing this for years. I can’t wait to to see what’s next for him.”

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Jordan Rowe“5:00 In The Country”: After nearly a year off, Jordan Rowe has returned with an explosive new anthem titled “5:00 In the countryside.” The high energy track is a friendly nod to Jimmy Buffett and Alan Jackson’s It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.”

“A little in your pocket and a little in the bank”. In a pickup truck picking up a beautiful thing | Tomorrow I’ll have some fish on a string, so come Sunday hear the church choir sing | Stand up, everyone from the hill to shout | Fill up, the gas tank and a cooler full of swells | Pull up to the party with your clean truck, muddy Stop, pop a top, it’s 5 o’clock in the country,” sings Rowe, showcasing his spitfire wordplay and gritty vocals.

The fast-rising artist co-wrote the toe-tapping track with songwriters Driver Williams and Hunter Phelps. The happy lyrics are destined to get listeners reflecting on their long work week and relaxing in no time. However, the way they intertwine rock elements with his signature country-gospel flair sets the playlist-worthy track apart.

“New music is long overdue and I’m excited to get the ball rolling again with”5:00 In the countryside.’ I was looking for a sound that stands out in the crowd and we even added a gospel choir to it to help us get there. Not to mention the choir is wearing camouflage robes because it’s not 5:00 in the city,” Rowe shared.” up!”

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