CMT Premiere: Ty Herndon brings positivity and hope with new song, video “Till You Get There”

by Cindy Watts

31 m ago

Ty Herndon sings over the holiday weekend with an uplifting outburst of positivity and assurance that one day the hard times will make sense.

With a voice as strong and clear as it was decades ago, Herndon enthusiastically delivers “Till You Get There.” Written by Herndon, Jamie Floyd, Erik Halbig and Jimmy Thow, the lyrics contain: Every scar and every broken heart is exactly what you needed, I swear. But you do not know until you get there.

“It’s a song about the power of positive thinking,” Herndon explains. “We all have the power to change our own conclusions, and when I look into the camera at the last minute of the song, I hope my facial expression reminds people that the best is yet to come in their lives and for all. U.S!”

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Herndon filmed the live video with his band under the direction of Joshua Britt and Neilson Hubbard. The singer said they spent the whole day laughing and cutting up between the shots. He explained that although the video looks simple, there were many angles and images they needed, so they had to shoot the show “a few dozen times.”

“This is such a feel-good song about letting go, trusting the processes of life and understanding that you can not know the end of your story until you get there – and usually it’s better than anything we could have imagined, “Herndon said. “So we just wanted a fun, uplifting performance-style video to bring the song to life, and I think we made it!”

Country music fans first met Herndon in 1995 with his debut single “What Mattered Most.” The ballad became his first No. 1 song and was the title track from his first album. Between 1995 and 2002, Herndon recorded 17 chart singles, including three No. 1 and several top-10 hits, such as “I Want My Goodbye Back,” “Loved Too Much,” “A Man Holding On” and “Hands of a Working Man.” ” His top charts include “Living in a Moment” and “It Must Be Love.” He has lived a life of extreme ups and downs over the years and documented his journey back to the light with music on “JACOB”, a new album of very personal songs that touch on themes ranging from addiction, recovery and mental fitness to lost love, self-discovery and personal freedom.

In 2014, Herndon became the first male country artist to come out publicly as gay.

Now he can’t wait to share his journey to positivity with his fans. And the uplifting video for “Till You Get There” is part of the journey.

“I was overwhelmed,” Herndon says when he first saw the video. “We always love working with Joshua Britt and Neilson Hubbard, who are amazing directors and producers, and they really knocked this one out of the park and captured the energy and message of the song.”

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