CMT Premiere: Roberta Lea Shares the Charm of “Ghetto Country Streets” in New Video

by Cindy Watts

45 m ago

Roberta Lea taps into nostalgia with her new song and video, “Ghetto Country Streets.”

Lea wrote and produced the song and describes it as “it’s all about being a kid.”

“There was no better way to put it than going straight back to my childhood playground,” said Lea, who grew up in Virginia. “Seeing the same basketball courts we doubled dutch on, the same paths we found turtles and snakes, the same concrete we scraped our knees on, just being kids, it was nostalgia to the max. And that’s exactly , what the song is about.”

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Nicholas Halmond-Walters directed and produced the video, which shows Lea singing in the stands and watching her children play.

Lyrics include: It doesn’t take much to have fun, just a kiddie pool and a water gun| Don’t forget to learn about these birds and bees on these ghetto country streets.
While the park has been updated since she was a child, Lea said the feeling was still the same.

“The trees, the landmarks and the tennis courts were still the same,” she said. “It was an incredible moment filming my own children playing in the same park I played in as a toddler. When people see this video, I hope it reminds them to let their inner child come out now and en. Life and the world as we know it can be stressful, so it’s important to take time to just enjoy what you have.”

Seeing the music video for the first time made her “feel extremely proud.”

“It was definitely a team effort and we had a lot of fun with different ideas and just being creative,” she said. “We definitely wanted to express that sense of fun and freedom, and it was exciting to see it all come together.”

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