Country newcomer Mikayla Lane releases Wild West-inspired music video for single, “Ambush”

by Tiffany Goldstein

1 hour ago

Emerging country artist Mikayla Lane may only be a teenager, but her ability to tell stories proves she’s wise beyond her years. After inking a deal with Red River Publishing and Brown Lee Entertainment, the savvy singer-songwriter released his latest single, “Ambush.”

The mid-tempo track serves as a new chapter for the feisty cowgirl as it showcases her new and approved sound. While writing”Ambush” alongside frequent collaborator John Conrad, the musical risk-taker stepped outside her comfort zone to cultivate a signature sound that embodies her true love of traditional country.

the single”Ambush” is unlike anything country music fans have ever heard from Lane, as the single flawlessly incorporates classic country instrumentals like fiddle and steel guitar. The old-fashioned spin pushes her western-like tale of unexpected love further. After using images to paint the romantic narrative, the singer knew she wanted to bring her Southwestern vision to life in a music video.

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“I wanted to do something different with this video than what we’ve done in the past. The song suggests a love story and I wanted to do something unexpected,” Lane explained to CMT. “So we’re putting everything I love into one video — Oklahoma , friends, family, clipper horses, ranching and cattle. It is a very real insight into my life. I’ve never seen a music video that gives editing a place to shine, and I was really excited to have some of those scenes in there.”

The music video begins with a striking snapshot of red rocks in a wide-open canyon. While wearing a smart western ensemble, Lane walks in on a beautiful horse with a luscious mane. Co-writer turned video director Conrad captured Lane in his element – working in a barn, at a rodeo and herding cattle.

“Shooted for”Ambush‘ it was so funny. We were in Oklahoma, so the thing I remember most was obviously the wind. It was so intense that day,” Lane shared. “We shot some extra scenes that we couldn’t use because my hat blew off, my horse was a little nervous, and the cattle kept piling up. No one enjoyed that wind. The scenes with the cattle and the cutting horses were filmed at Tommy Marvin Cutting Horses’ ranch. The Marvins have become dear friends, so it was great to spend time with them, and it was a very special memory that we were allowed to film on their ranch,” she added.

Lane told CMT that she hopes her listeners learn more about Western lifestyles after watching the three-minute video.

“I want everyone to be inspired by western culture and lifestyle after watching this video. It’s really important to me and I want to share it with others to learn about it as well,” Lane pointed out.

The fast-rising artist said she was amazed by the final edit and was pleased with the picturesque clips that illustrated the true essence of Oklahoma.

“Seeing the video finished was a long time coming and the final edits were even more amazing than I expected!” she declared full of excitement. “From the beautiful canyon landscape shots to the ranch-style shots, it was all there, all of Oklahoma, and all so exciting.”

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