CMT Premiere: Hunter Brothers’ “Peace, Love & Country Music” Speaks to the Essence of Community

by Cindy Watts

4 m ago

The Hunter Brothers may not be a household name to most country music fans in the US, but they are building quite a reputation in Canada. Real-life brothers JJ, Dusty, Luke, Brock and Ty have amassed more than 61 million video and audio streams and earned multiple CCMA Award nominations, JUNO Award nominations and SCMA Award winners.

Now, the men bring the video for their laid-back ode to good vibes, “Peace, Love & Country Music,” to CMT.

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Written by the Hunter Brothers, Seth Mosley and James McNair, the lyrics include: It would be my choice if I had to choose. We would be much better of a play, better every day, better in every way, with a little more peace, love and country music.

Sean Smith produced and directed the video, which shows the brothers driving around, hanging flyers at a show, bringing pizza to fans and crew, and even jumping from a piano dangling from a crane in a field.

“The video essentially magnifies the concept of rallying around things we can all rally around,” the men said. “It speaks to the essence of community and enjoying life peacefully and lovingly with one another.”

However, the filming did not go as planned.

“We had etched a massive heart into the field and orchestrated a group of people to come out to be extras in the video,” they said. “There were 70 km winds that night and we had a very small window of time. The heart had to be redone and the set had to be completely moved to another piece of land. Ty also dropped an entire pizza on the ground when he was handing out dinner to the crew. Classic.”

The singers admitted that they might not be the most buzz-worthy element of the music video — even though they sang the song and paid the bill.

“First of all, can we talk about the pig at the beginning of the video?” they asked. “Her name is Tulip Rose and she seems to be appearing more and more in the videos we’ve been putting out. I think, funnily enough, that’s what set the tone for the rest of the video because it’s right from the top. We also loved seeing our community friends and family represented. Thanks in advance to all of you who sing and watch!”

The brothers hope people walk away from the video feeling uplifted and reminded of the simple joys in life.

“By remembering that while it is easy for division to happen, we can base ourselves on simple principles that make us all human in the end,” they said.

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