Classless Act releases debut album ‘Welcome to the Show’

The rising rock band Classless Act has released their debut album, Welcome to the show.

The group is currently on its way and earns which opens on Stadium tourthe long-awaited trek with Motley Crue,, Def Leppard,, Married and Joan Jett. Motley Crue singer Vince Neil makes a guest appearance on Welcome to the show, lends vocals to the song “Classless Act.” That tune was one of three singles – along with “Time to Bleed” and “This Is for You” – released before the album’s arrival. The latter number has Justin Hawkins, frontman in Darkness. A complete list of tracks can be found below, and you can buy / stream the LP here.

With the release of their debut album, Classless Act has also unveiled a new music video for the song “All That We Are.”

“All we are – is it enough for us to survive?” thought singer Derek Day via press release. “This is a question, a concept, we asked ourselves after all that we’ve been through the last two years. For hell, the last seven or so years. We’ve been in a little bit less than sunny time in our history. “So what are we going to do? Grow or go! Everyone has to decide. We have a show tonight so I know what we’re doing!”

Watch Classless Acts music video for ‘All That We Are’

Classless Act consists of Day (vocals), Dane Pieper (guitar), Griffin Tucker (guitar), Franco Gravante (bass) and Chuck McKissock (drums). The quintet’s members come from all over the world and initially met through social media. They have since made Los Angeles their base and have quickly built up a strong following.

Stadium Tour will introduce even more rock fans to the group. The tour, which started on June 16, is scheduled to run through September. 9.



Classless Act, ‘Welcome to the show’ track list

1. “Classless Act” (feat. Vince Neil)
2. “This Is for You” (feat. Justin Hawkins)
3. “Time to bleed”
4. “On my phone”
5. “All that we are”
“Made in Hell”
7. “Storm before silence”
8. “Joking Love”
9. “Ongoing contradiction”
10. “Give it to me”
11. “Circles thoughts of a dying man”

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