Circa Survive Singer denies rumors that the band is breaking up

Relax, Circa survive fans. The band does not break up, even if the group is on which singer Anthony Green calls “a little break”. Rumors of a possible split began circulating online after the band changed the status of their Patreon for fans, but Green has allayed any fears of a split.

A lot of speculation began to appear via Save your, sharing the Patreon announcement and fans digging into which members of the group followed each other on social media. But Green quickly put rumors of a split to rest, responding to a fan on Twitter who asked if the band was done with a simple “No”.

Earlier this year, Circa Survive ended up canceling their planned tour to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their Blue sky noise album, in which Green cites a decision about take time to work on your mental health. This also came on the heels of the band releasing a pair of EPs in late 2021 and early 2022. In the time since, Green has released the solo album, Boom. doneand most recently appeared sings with the post-hardcore supergroup LS Dunes at the same time as new work is being done Saosin music.

Regarding the decision to change the status of their Patreon, where the band had been releasing music monthly for fans, they released a statement revealing, “first wanted to apologize for the lack of communication/clarity here. We’ve had our own struggles with communication/clarity that has made final group statements & decisions a big challenge. That said, we wanted to make some changes here and be more clear about the future of Patreon. Going forward, Patreon will primarily function as an archive.”

They continued, “To be extra extra clear, there are no future regular posts or updates planned for Patreon beyond news of merch or special releases or anything of that basic nature. There are only two reasons to remain a patron: 1 is , that you’d like to keep access to the content here, and or #2 you’d like to continue to support us in our transition to finding stability outside of the band.”

“For the past 18 years Circa has been the center of our lives as well as our full time job and primary source of income. Exiting this without notice has been challenging logistically and emotionally to say the least, but your support has been absolutely vital & appreciated more than you will ever know. Patreon has been one of the most beautiful, inspiring, and ‘successful’ experiments in our entire time as musicians, and we can’t thank you enough for being a part of it,” the group concluded. The full statement was shared by the State of the Scene podcast, which also questioned whether it meant the band was hanging it up.

While Green’s tweet should suffice about the group’s status, the singer also elaborated on Circa’s status during a recently posted chat with Brooklyn Vegan podcast (heard below). “Circa is on a little hiatus right now, but I hope we can get back to doing some shit soon,” the singer said. With the evolution of their sound over the past two EPs, Green admitted he wasn’t sure what the next step was musically when they resumed. “Circa is a group-driven dynamic, so I guess we’d just have to get together and jam and see how it would go, but I have high hopes for it,” the singer said.

Circa Survives Anthony Green on Brooklyn Vegan Podcast

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