Watch Chris Jericho’s Cameo in ‘Terrifier 2’ Says He Almost Puked cutscene

You’ve probably already heard of Terrify 2, the horror film that has had viewers swooning and throwing up in theaters over the past few weeks. But did you know? Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho have a cameo role in the movie? He also almost vomited while filming the scene he was in.

Although Jericho is primarily known as a wrestler in addition to fronting Fozzy, Terrify 2 was not his first film appearance. However, it was probably his most memorable acting experience, which he revealed in an interview with Screen Rant that the scenes were so grotesque that he thought he would be sick.

The rocker explained that after he saw the original terrify, which came out in 2016, he promoted it so heavily to his fan base that he ended up establishing a relationship with director Damien Leone and actor David Howard Thornton, who portrays Clown Art in both films. As a result, the director wanted to incorporate the musician into the second film when the time came, and that’s how he got the cameo role.

“The original scene I did was the ending of the movie. And in this time frame another movie came out with the same ending! Damien had to reshoot it. So my part was kind of cut down. But that’s fine. It is how it goes,” Jericho recalled.

“In the movie, I have to eat like a zombie dish. It’s Halloween, so my wife made all these zombie treats. And one of them was a jelly-like eyeball. And I think it was some kind of custard with a kind of almost plastic candy and I had to eat like five of them. And they were cold and they were gelatinous. And it really got to me. It was really gross. And I remember [Damien] was like, ‘Can you just eat one more?’ And I was like, ‘Dude, I’ll eat one more and that’s it! Because I’m going to fucking puke if I have to make another one of these.”

If you haven’t seen Terrify 2 Still, we highly recommend you check out the first one so you have an idea of ​​what you’re getting into, because the new one is said to be a lot bloodier. However, if you have no interest in watching the entire movie, luckily someone has uploaded a video of all of Jericho’s scenes.

Check it out below.

Chris Jericho’s Cameo in Terrify 2

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