Charlie Benante names ‘The Best Thrash Record’ of all time, and it’s not what you might think

Consider it ‘Big 4’ of thrash metal is Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Kills, you’d probably say that one of them created the subgenre’s best record, right? Well, Anthrax’s Charlie Benante would disagree as he feels the “demo tape” of a certain California band reigns supreme.

The famous drummer recently spoke with Bravewords about the upcoming second part of Anthrax’s 40Th anniversary tour in North America (where they will be supported by Black Label Society and Exodus). When asked why the latter group was replaced Hatebreed – who opened for Anthrax last summer – Benante explained that Hatebreed “couldn’t make it” and that Anthrax has “taken [Exodus] a lot over the years.”

Perhaps a major reason why they have played so much with Exodus is that, according to Benante, Exodus made the best thrash record ever. Specifically, he stated:

The first time I heard Exodus was their demo tape. Actually, one of my friends gave it to me. Then another friend of mine created a record label, Torrid Records, and they were going to release the first Exodus record. That’s when I heard what the record sounded like. To this day I say the same thing – the first Exodus record is for me the best thrash record ever released. I always put number 1.

Obviously he’s talking about their 1985 debut LP, Connected by Blood (which Loudwire ranked #2 on our list 10 Best Thrash Albums Not Released By The Big 4). That said, he also mentions their “demo tape”, so he may also have been impressed by one of Exodus’ unofficial compilations from 1982 or 1983. In any case, it is interesting that he places it above something from the ‘Big 4’.

It is also worth mentioning that at the end of the interview, Benante clarifies that there are “no plans” to film any of the upcoming shows with Black Label Society and Exodus.

So what do you think of his pick for the best thrash LP of all time? Planning to catch the trio of bands on tour later this month or sometime in February? Let us know!

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