Beef Slapping Announces New Album After Release Schedule Leak

Butchering of cattle is returning with a new album titled Terrasitebut the announcement of the record comes a little earlier than expected after the group’s proposed rollout was derailed by a Reddit leak.

Speaking via their Facebook page (as seen below), the group revealed, “Recently we wrote that we would reveal all the details for the new album next month. Unfortunately, someone leaked everything to Reddit a few days ago and the user has been doing it. the same with other bands for a while now.”

As a result, the band writes, “We have decided to release the announcement that we would make for our new album, Terrasiteas it has been an idea that was 8 years in the making and will most likely require an explanation for proper inclusion.”

That said, the band digs into that title, defining “Terrasite” as a noun for both Greek (terra is Latin for earth) and Greek dissent (sitos is Greek for food). The actual definition is either 1. a devourer or destroyer of earth or soil or 2. Post-Anthropocene humanity.

Digging even deeper, vocalist Travis Ryan explains, “We’ve all heard the old saying about how the cockroach is so widespread… so invasive… so insidious… that they could survive a nuclear war… Our previous album, Death Atlas, left the world black and lifeless.. or so we thought. It turns out that the carbon-encrusted bodies that graced the album’s layout and music video (and which look like Pompeii’s victims frozen in time by the Mt. Vesuvius disaster of AD 79) were actually more of a cocoon scene for something much more wickedly on the way: Humanity 2.0.”

He adds: “On the cover, we see the terrace, also called ‘earth eater’, melting from its otheca. After living the twisted life of being human, they are now resurrected in a new world… saddened… confused. .. PISSED; reborn as a new strain of human disease, now adapted to continue and complete the utter ravages of its home planet, Earth.”

The band also revealed that they have dedicated the album to the memory of Gabe Serbian, the drummer, guitarist and vocalist for The Locust, who died last year at the age of 44.

The artwork and tracklist for the new album can be seen below, and the band has announced a May 12th street date for the record through Metal Blade Records. The album was produced by Dave Otero with artwork by Wes Benscoter.

As for their future plans, the band add with a sense of exasperation: “The first single from the album will be released next month. That is, if some idiot doesn’t leak it first,” commenting, “The human is an animal, you should never trust.”

Decapitation of cattle, Terrasite Artwork + track list

Cattle decapitation, terrace album

Metal blade

1. Terrasitic adaptation
2. We eat our young
3. Scourge of Offspring
4. The insignificant
5. The storm above
6. …And the world will go on without you
7. A photographic doom
8. cul-de-sac dwellers
9. Solastalgia
10. Just another body

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