Cash Gotti claims the BIA stiffed his friend over unpaid rent

Apparently Cash Gotti isn’t the biggest fan of BIAand claims their story includes the “Whole Lotta Money” artist and her partner stiffing his friend for rent.

During a recent appearance at Choose what the future holds podcast, the Massachusetts native broke down his version of events. In addition to allegedly not paying their rent and being evicted, Gotti said the BIA also spread lies about him in the process.

“Her and her husband lived in my husband’s crib in Hollywood,” Gotti began. “Penthouse – 6500 a month, feel me? I guess the homie already lived there for six months or whatever. He did his stuff, paid his money or whatever. Nobody knew she was living with this n-gga This n-gga stopped paying rent for two and a half months.

“My husbands call me like, ‘This n-gga in my crib tryin’ to leave, not pay the rent. And he talkin’ gangsta timing.’ Who gets hard on their landlord?” he continued.” Like, ‘I’m not going anywhere, you’re going to have to pull me out’—that kind of shit. Shorty and her husband got kicked out; had to get out of there.”

“They were supposed to leave the premises. The next day I get a whole load of calls. ‘Why are n-ggas saying you robbed this girl?’ Long story short, she was running around with my name in her mouth talking like oh I did all kinds of different things when you didn’t pay your rent.”

A rapper who has the complete opposite feelings about BIA is J. Cole. He joined the Epic Records signee on her single “London” earlier this year be “blown away” the first time he heard the song.

“I fucking didn’t even want to post this clip because I need everyone to hear this shit PURE. How I heard it!” he said on Instagram. “I asked BIA to come through the studio for some totally different shit. First time meeting her. We’re chopping it up. She’s playing me this new song she just made. Mannnnnnn. at that moment I was blown away.”

Ab-Soul reveals he wanted BIA to feature on ‘Herbert’ album

He continued: “I thought about this song for a month straight, it was my favorite song and I only heard it once. She hit me up recently and sent me the song (she must have known I wanted to hear it again! !!) and I was just grateful to have it in my possession.”

Despite being “really nervous” about adding a verse to an already great song, Cole was happy that he ultimately “ended up catching the right wave.”

The track is produced by AzizTheShake, Jon Glass and Tim. Staying true to the song’s London theme, J. Cole often adopts a British accent and incorporates various British references and slang throughout his guest verse. He and BIA also performed the song together in London at last summer’s Wireless Festival.

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