Cardi B on Why She Didn’t ‘Entertain’ Offset & Saweetie Rumors

cardi b is never one to keep quiet when it comes to speculation about her career and personal life, but she kept her mouth shut when it came to rumors of Offset cheating on her with Sweetheart.

The Grammy winner did not speak out as social media ran with the narrative that an Offset-Saweetie affair led to Migos‘ split last year, which was sparked by Quavo’s lyrics on “Messy”.

During an appearance at the newly launched The Jason Lee PodcastCardi explained why she didn’t “entertain” the topic at the time, saying she didn’t want to feed into the rumors.

“Do you know why I was quiet?” she said. “I was quiet because one thing I want to do is find out the truth. And you know I was about to find out that truth.

“So, it’s like if I entertain something that I know isn’t true on the Internet, people will say, ‘Oh, it’s true because you’re addressing it.’ But when I don’t address it, it’s also true or not.”

Cardi continued, “So I’m like, you know what? I just don’t want to entertain that bullshit because if I entertain it, it’s going to go on longer and longer. At the end of the day, I know what’s going on in my house.

“So it’s like I’ve learned from those experiences not to even address things that go on in my home. When I know the truth. Because it’s like, people want to make it worse because it’s just entertainment. “

However, Cardi B did put down Offset and Saweetie cheating rumors during a heated back-and-forth with a Twitter troll in August 2022.

“No honey you’re lying,” she wrote after the user accused her of “blatantly lying” about her husband’s alleged infidelity. “You make crazy lies start shit and put female rappers in it WITH NO RECEIPTS, no blog ever talked about this, suddenly you got out of jail 5 days ago and you made up for the lie in 2 hours with NO RECEIPTS! “

The Offset-Saweetie narrative exploded last October when Quavowho dated the “Icy Grl” star for over two years until their split in March 2021apparently alluded to the affair on “Messy,” from his Only built for Infinity Links album with take off (who was shot and killed just weeks after the project’s release).

However, some fans speculated that he might be referring to another Atlanta rapper Lil Babywho was romantically linked to Saweetie in late 2021.

Cardi B Details How Offset Fought For Their Family After She Filed For Divorce

“Bitch fucked my dog ​​behind my back but I don’t stress (not at all) / You wanted the curse, you should have just said it, we would have blessed it (you should have just said it) / Now shit got messed up (Uh )” Quavo rapped on the song.

Sweetheart apparently responding to his ex-boyfriend’s claim the following month on “Don’t Say Nothin”, which featured lines such as: “Send a picture in his sweatshirt, I bet it got my ex hurt / That’s what I get for kissing these frogs / He got mad and told my business to the blogs.”

Her apparent response was criticized due to the fact that it arrived shortly after TakeOff’s tragic murder, with Joe Budden tells her to “shut up” during an episode of his eponymous podcast.

But as Saweetie suggested in an Instagram video weeks later, she didn’t even talk about Quavo or Lil Baby on the song.

“Ain’t no one dissing no one,” she clarified. “When I moved on Caresha pleaseI told you all, whoever is on ‘Say Nothing’, whoever that message was against, it wasn’t against anyone.

“No one is exposing them boys so you can kill them rumors and kill it because you don’t even know who I’m talking about.”

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