Cam’ron Gives Sneak Peek at Upcoming Sports Show ‘It Is What It Is’

Cam’ron is no stranger to crossing over into other fields, and he continues to do so by having his own sports talk show set to air soon.

The Diplomats leader recently took to his Instagram story with a post showing behind-the-scenes footage of his upcoming sports show titled It is what it is. In his post, fans can see people working on a set with a desk and the show’s logo right above it.

There’s no word on where It is what it is will air or what fans can expect from Cam’ron and his take on sports. But one thing for sure is that Killa Cam will be premiering on the show sometime next month.

“On the set of my new sports show It Is What It Is Premieres Nx month,” Cam’ron wrote before giving fans even more behind-the-scenes footage of the camera crew working on the show.

Fans expect Cam’ron to be a natural fit for his talk show, as he was once a star high school basketball player and regularly attends games. He recently tried to get Brooklyn Nets to give him a chance to play for them.

The rapper shared a photo of himself hanging out with Nets All-Star forward Kevin Durant and his friend Rich Kleiman last week, explaining that he was looking for an opportunity to act out in the caption.

“KD telling me how I’d be a good 2-guard coming off the bench to nets,” Cam wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of him enthusiastically delivering his pitch to Durant, who listened and smiled . “He looked at me and went @easymoneysniper @richkleiman @boardroom.”

Cam’ron has also provided some commentary on what has been happening in the sports world, mainly Ben Simmons’ lackluster NBA play this season. The rapper jumped on Instagram last month and praised Simmons for his below-average performance to begin the seasonand tells the three-time All-Star to “go fuck the Kardashians.”

“Look, I’m gonna be real short and short, break. Ben Simmons, stop wasting my n-ggas’ time,” Cam said, referring to Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. “I’m fucking serious. Stop playing with my n-ggas man. You got n-ggas playing two-on-five-five out there. Stop playing with n-ggas, man.”

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“If you fucking don’t want to play basketball, go fuck the Kardashians, the Jenners, whoever is screwing you. Now when we see it on TV, it’s like, ‘Oh, it’s all good.’ I was at the damn game last night and I saw you shoot an airball layup,” he continued.

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