Cam’ron weighs in on Ja Morant vs. Charles Barkley Spat

Cam’ron getting ready to launch his new sports talk show, It is what it islater this month, and the Dipset frontman has given fans a taste of what to expect.

In a new teaser clip, Cam touches on the generation gap between Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant and NBA Hall-of-Famer Charles Barkley.

“Charles Barkley says Ja Morant doesn’t make his team better and Yes Morant tweets out: ‘Get your knee pads.’ Wild n-gga right there, boy,” said the former high school standout hooper.

“Me, as an older Cam, I’d say what Ja Morant said was out of line, but 23-year-old or 24-year-old Cam would have been like, ‘Yeah, fuck Charles Barkley.’ the day talking crap about young n-ggas saying they don’t do this and that.

“Them n-ggas got a point too. A smartphone or an iPhone is like an asshole right now – everyone has one.”

Yes The Morant-Barkley feud apparently sparked last month when the TNT studio analyst criticized the superstar Grizzlies point guard’s play following the team’s 102-113 loss to the New Orleans Pelicans on Nov. 15.

“The next development for Ja is [that] he has to learn to make the players around him better,” he said Barkley on Inside the NBA. “When you’re a great player, you can get your shots any time you want. But to take that next step.

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“I don’t think he’s added that to his game yet. Sometimes when you make a play, you have to think to yourself, ‘I can go around this guy. But I’ve got to get this guy going. I’ve got to have this guy going.'”

Morant responded to Barkley’s comments by telling him to grab his knee pads. The Grizzlies guard still has a great stat line while leading the team with around 28 points per game. game, while the team boasts a 12-9 record, good for fourth in the current Western Conference standings.

It is what it is premieres later in December and other clips find Cam’ron lending his candid commentary on other NBA topics such as his hatred of Ben Simmons and even the NFL, where he doesn’t think Aaron Rodgers should be mentioned in the same sentence as Tom Brady.

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