Bun B credits JAY-Z with his first rap video with a budget of 1 million. USD

Ball B have credited JAY-Z with having the first rap music video to officially get a budget of 1 million.

During a performance at The Residency Podcastthat UGK the rapper said “Big Pimpin” was the first to achieve the feat, clarifying that rap music videos had crossed one million before the release of Hov’s hit single from 1999, which he and the late Alphonse C appeared on, but that the Vol. 3 cut was the first song to ever get a million dollar budget to start with.

“This was the first million-dollar budgeted rap video ever,” Bun said. “Now rap videos had budgets that exceeded that [and] ended up costing a million dollars, but blocked a million dollars just for this music video.”

He continued, “I’d never seen anything like it. It was the first rap video, I think, on ‘Making a Video’ on MTV. It accelerated so fast and within three months I’d say it was number one record on the planet.”

Kanye West has also amassed an expensive slew of music videos over the course of his career. An article from 2018 re Musical crowns that breaks down the most expensive rap videos of all time shows that Ye’s 2007 video for “Stronger” also hit the million-dollar mark, and the “Touch the Sky” music video came close, reaching $996,000.

However, the most expensive music video on record is Diddy’s “Victory,” which single-handedly strove to become the most expensive visual of all time. Despite the move from Busta rhymes and The infamous BIGthe song itself only peaked at No. 19 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The visual, which featured Hollywood stars like Dennis Hopper and Danny Devito, ran up a tab of around $2,500,000, which in 2018 translated to around $4.3 million.

In other JAY-Z news, the Roc Nation mogul is still currently embroiled in its multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Bacardi involving D’USSE. According to a report from AllHipHopHov is trying to move the $2.5 billion suit to Bacardi headquarters in Bermuda.

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“The SC is now preparing to bring legal proceedings against Bacardi in Bermuda, where Bacardi is incorporated and headquartered (the “Bermuda Action”), for having procured a breach of D’Usse’s operating agreement under Bermudian law,” the case documents read. “In support of the contemplated case, the SC requests the assistance of this court in obtaining relevant evidence from certain investors in Bacardi and/or its affiliates who are within the jurisdiction of this court.

“The SC therefore respectfully requests that this Court approve the application and allow service of the proposed subpoenas seeking documents in support of its anticipated Bermuda action.”

JAY-Z accuses Bacardi of willfully mismanaging D’USSÉ in an attempt to buy his 50 percent stake at a discount. According to court documents, SC Liquor exercised its right to demand a buyout a year before the lawsuit was filed — meaning Bacardi was obligated to come up with a fair price.

However 04:44 the rapper accuses Bacardi’s subsidiary Empire Investments Inc. attempts to “stop and stone” efforts that would reveal an accurate valuation of D’USSÉ. The figure that Bacardi brought to the table was reportedly “well below” what JAY-Z had in mind.

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