BTS’ Jungkook explores Qatar in ‘Dreamers’ video with flying whales

BTS‘ Jungkook dropped the video for his solo track “Dreamers” on Tuesday (November 22), a travelogue of sorts where the singer explores Qatar, the site of the 2022 FIFA World Championship. The dreamy song, which forms part of the official soundtrack to the global soccer classic that kicked off this week in the small Middle Eastern country, features Jungkook singing alongside Qatari artist Fahad Al-Kubaisi.

The clip opens with a stunning-looking Jungkook wandering through a brightly lit corridor before emerging into a room filled with pulsing lasers as market dancers join him on a stroll through the city. Meanwhile, Al-Kubaisi sings his pieces from the deck of a huge schooner, while Jungkook hums from the top of a skyscraper amid images of children watching digital whales break free from the ocean’s bonds and soar above skyscrapers.

The visual ends with Junkook singing the song’s hopeful chorus: “Look who we are, we’re the dreamers/ We make it happen because we believe it,” surrounded by dancers holding up flags from around the world. Jungkook premiered the song at the opening ceremonies of the quadrennial international tournament over the weekend.

The solo BTS star is one of the few pop artists who have taken part in the events surrounding this year’s World Cup, which has come under scrutiny for the process of awarding the bid to the tiny religiously conservative Gulf sheikhdom, where homosexuality is a crime and where officials banned a rainbow flag armband intended as an expression of solidarity and diversity. Qatar has also been investigated for thousands of deaths among the migrant workers who helped build the stadiums where the Games will be held, with reports that workers were paid unfair wages and housed in substandard, sweltering conditions in the country, where temperatures can soar to over 120 degrees in the summer.

“Dreamers” is Jungkook’s second solo song this year amid BTS’ ongoing hiatus, following on the heels of his “Left and right” collaboration with Charlie Puth.

Watch the video “Dreamers”. here.

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