Jin’s 13 Best Solo Musical Moments

Jin may be known to the world as “Mr. Worldwide Handsome,” but BTSARMY also knows him as a focused, equally tender and powerful vocalist whose ballad and rock song skills have been showcased throughout the K-pop star’s career.

Starting out by sharing his covers of popular Korean rock songs from the past through BTS’s SoundCloud account early in the group’s career, Jin grew his vocal prowess over the years, showcasing the styles of music that spoke most to him. Later, the star was given opportunities to share his ability to tell stories through songs in soundtrack singles for popular Korean dramas such as Hwarang and Jirisan. In 2019, Jin released his first all-original solo song and has only continued to show further displays of his musical perspective. Even the super silly, super viral “Super Tuna” single he dropped in 2021 speaks to Jin’s larger personality as someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously, and how music can give you a real outlet.

Jin’s latest solo performance comes via his new single “The Astronaut,” which features Jin and Coldplay as writers and composers on the pitch. The heartfelt rock number debuts at No. 51 on Hot 100 dated Nov. 12, 2022, marking his first-ever credited solo contribution while also serving as the week’s best-selling song (it went to No. 1 on Digital song sales and World Digital Song Sales Charts). The remarkable chart-topper is the latest step in Jin’s ongoing solo efforts that have been single-minded and purposeful in their execution, slowly revealing the multi-faceted artist that Jin is in his own right.

From covers to OSTs to special collaborations with his BTS bandmates, read on for Jin’s best solo moments.

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