Brockhampton ends at Fonda: Inside the Boy Band’s Final Show in LA

Around 11:30pm on Friday (November 19), a handful of fans gathered in beach chairs and tents along the Fonda Theater parking lot fence in LA “BROCKHAMPTON ENDS AT FONDA,” read the venue’s marquee sign. The children camped out hoping to get tickets Brockhampton‘s final show, and on the night of the event, the line naturally wrapped around the block.



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Brockhampton declared it “BH Weekend” two days before when they announced the show and released their last two albums, The family and TM. Streamed live on Amazon Music’s Twitch channel, the concert was free and as of Friday at .

The gig came as a surprise to fans as the group said their final two shows would be at Coachella earlier this year. Inside the Fonda, the floor slowly began to fill up in the hour before the show, which was scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. The balcony was reserved for Brockhampton’s guests, including their family and their label, RCA. Dua Lipa was also in attendance and fans caught a glimpse of Tyler, the Creator as he slipped out at the end.

At 8:05 pm Kevin Abstract slowly walked on stage to Celine Dion‘All By Myself’ before bursting into “Big Py”. The band’s six other vocalists – Matt Champion, Joba, Bearface, Jabari Manwa, Merlyn and Dom McLennon – joined him soon after, and the boys played songs from each of their albums dating back to their debut studio album, 2017’s Saturation.

Unlike their previous performances, the set design this time was minimal. Only a wide, black staircase sat towards the back of the stage, and was used as a resting place for the band between songs. The boys also didn’t wear matching outfits this time, like their varsity jackets at Coachella earlier this year, or their orange jumpsuits from their 2017 Camp Flog Gnaw Festival set, but looked like they arrived separately to the show in clothes they’d been wearing all day. Still, the crowd didn’t seem to notice or care as they sang every word to every song with their favorite boy band for the last time.

“Brockhampton is like, acceptance and so many things that are important to me and just changed everything. Thank you so much,” said a front-row fan named Brendan when asked why he likes Brockhampton. Brendan, who also celebrated his birthday, was then invited on stage for “Bleach”.

As the show continued, fans were lost in the moment, but there was an undeniable bittersweet feeling in the crowd. Like the fans, Brockhampton seemed excited to release some pent-up energy. The guys were running around the stage jumping up and down, but it also felt like they were trying to get the show over with the way they transitioned between songs. There was also little talking between acts, aside from the fan interaction and Merlyn introducing his former bandmates at the end. At one point, Abstract got a fan so hyped that he almost jumped over the rail and climbed onto the stage.

At 21:39, the group left after performing “New Shoes”. TM. Naturally, fans started chanting “One more song!” and two minutes later, Bearface came back out to sing his solo ballad, “Summer.” They all then closed the show in earnest with “Boogie”.

And while they didn’t bow out in the end, Brockhampton still made sure to provide some closure. “Thank you very much, thank you for everything,” Abstract said. “See you when we see you.”

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