Britney Spears slams ‘humiliating’ documentaries about her: ‘I’m not a robot or a science experiment’

Britney Spears has previously been dismissive of documentaries made about her life and 13-year conservatory, and on Wednesday (Nov. 9) she took to Twitter to further slam the on-screen portrayals.



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“I want to thank the main people who made all the documentaries to help free Brit Brit!!! I mean such classy footage,” Spears opened her long message sarcastically. “The best part for me was when my old assistant talked about , how I walked through the neighborhood handing out $100 bills when my first song came out!!! I wish I could get inside the heads of people like my dad and her and really try to understand why people lie and make things up like this!!!”

She went on to name those who created “the most disgusting documents I have ever seen in my life,” adding that she felt there was “deception in claiming it was to help me!!! “

Spears called the documentaries “humiliating” and added, “I’m a person … I’m not a robot or a science experiment like they analyzed me on that site!!! I’m a valued soul … so for those documentaries, that were made about me, they were trash and nothing more than trash…period !!!”

That pop star continued: “Every person sitting there in those documents knew, or if THEY DIDN’T KNOW, could have found out where they kept me!!!!! They KNEW and it’s time to realize that was SO I needed REAL people to go to the police and ‘Jesus Christ what’s going on???? Aren’t there labor laws??? The girl has been working like a dog!!!'”

She continued to talk more about the nerve damage she has struggled with. “I recently found that when I don’t get enough oxygen to my brain, I feel nerve damage on the right side of my body,” she wrote. “My hands go numb every night when I go to sleep…it’s not my fault…but I will say it’s pretty painful!!!”

Spears admitted that she has yet to see a doctor about it, as she is “scared” after some of her past experiences. “Nowadays, when I just feel the presence of a person, I immediately freeze and have to breathe!!! I believe that when I was in that place, I may have suffered serious psychological trauma from not breathing normally … my nerve damage shoots from my hand up to my back, neck and to the right side of my head!!!

See her full post below.

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