Brian may have lost his robot, but likes to think he found it again

Brian May says his favorite piece of Queen memorabilia is a model of Frank the robot from the cover of their 1977 album News of the World – but admitted it might not be the property he likes to think it is.

In a recent interview with Guitar worldhe explained why the figure looks similar this – means too much to him, saying, “I have one of the original robots… who’s about four feet tall and holds the album cover. He’s quite a treasured relic, I must say. He’s even more treasured to me , because I lost him.”

He continued: “What happened was I moved home, forgot he was in the loft and I left him, which made me very sad. And then I was able to come across a used from a collector and I made myself believe he was the original guy I had I don’t know if he is or not but I tell myself he is the original Frank that I had in those days… I’d say he’s the most meaningful piece I have.”

May reported that he continues to collect vinyl records, but not to the extent he once did. “When I want to relax, I put on vinyl,” he said. “I generally don’t put CDs on. I think it’s partly the feeling, and it’s partly that you get a nice big sleeve where you can read and enjoy the pictures. And you get to physically touch this beautiful thing, appreciate it, smell it and put the needle on in a very physical way.”

He added:[T]here is also something indefinable about the sound of vinyl. I know they can get digital sound great, but I think your body still knows the difference. Because when it comes to vinyl, I think your body is an important piece of equipment, and it responds very differently to analog stimulation. I don’t know why, but that’s my theory of what’s going on.”

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