The Queen’s Brian May was knighted in the British Honors List

Brian May was appointed Knight Bachelor in the first New Year’s honors list published by the British monarch King Charles III.

Height matters Queen guitarist is entitled to the honorific “Sir Brian May” or, when together with his wife, the actress Anita Dobson, the couple should be called “Sir Brian and Lady May.” He had previously been awarded a CBE in 2005 while a bandmate Roger Taylor was awarded an OBE in 2020.

A statement about Mays website noted that he had been described as a “musician, astrophysicist and animal welfare advocate” in the royal documentation and that the knighthood had been given for “services to music and charity.” He commented: “I am happy and grateful to receive this honor. I will consider the knighthood not so much as a reward, but more as an indictment – a commission – for me to continue to fight for justice – to be a voice for those who have no voice. I will strive to be worthy—to be that knight in shining armor.”

He told Sky News he was “pretty happy” to “end up with a sword on my shoulder” — referring to the physical award of the honor — adding that he was “probably most proud of the little things we’ve accomplished for animals.” It’s an ongoing thing and I hope the knighthood will help.”

The title of Knight Bachelor is the oldest rank of knight in British history, dating back to at least the 13th century. It is not linked to the higher orders of knighthood, such as Knight Commander and Knight Grand Cross, and does not give the right to add letters after the recipient’s name.

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