Boosie Badazz Tributes ‘Young King’ Meek Mill For Pardon

Boosie Badazz have given words of praise and encouragement to Meek Molle after learning it he recently received a pardon from the governor of Pennsylvania.

The Philadelphia rapper took to Instagram on Thursday (Jan. 12) to share a certificate signed by Gov. Tom Wolf outlining his previous convictions and the decision that he should be freed from the legal consequences resulting from them.

On Saturday morning (Jan. 14), Boosie expressed how impressed he was with the turn of events and urged Meek Mill to fully take stock of what this could mean for others who are incarcerated.

“@MeekMill Mill GETS A BAG!!,” the Baton Rouge rapper wrote. “THAT’S SUM Powerful shit [hands raised emoji]!! THAT’S REALLY POWERFUL!! UN YOUR TEAM CAN CHANGE LAWS N BRING MANY RIGHTS HOME FROM PRISON THAT HAVE BEEN WRONG!! GO ON YOUNG KING [crown emoji] I THINK YOU CAN MAKE SOME CHANGES FOR THE WAKE UP #mademesmilethismorning”

Meek Mill was one of 369 recipients of a pardon from Governor Wolf this week, bringing his total to 2,540 since he was sworn into office in 2015.

“I have taken this process very seriously – I have reviewed and thought carefully about each and every one of these 2,540 pardons and the lives they will affect,” Wolf said in a statement. “Every single one of the Pennsylvanians who made it through the process truly deserves their second chance, and it has been my honor to give it.”

He continued, “A record prevents positive forward movement in a person’s life and can trigger a repeating cycle of defeat. I am confident that with rights restored, pardoned Pennsylvanians prove themselves by stepping up and giving back to our community.”

Meek Mill has vowed to use his cleared record to continue fighting for his community, as he has since his release in 2009.

Boosie Badazz has also had his fair share of the law. In 2009, the Baton Rouge rapper was arrested for a third offense of marijuana possession and probation violation. Two years later, while still incarcerated, the rapper was sentenced to an additional eight years of hard labor after pleading guilty to drug charges stemming from an attempt to smuggle codeine, ecstasy and marijuana into the prison.

According to USA todaythe drug charges against the Bad Azz Entertainment founder came while he was awaiting trial on first-degree murder charges after he allegedly ordered a hit on a 35-year-old Baton Rouge man in late 2009. Boosie was found not guilty by a Baton Rouge jury in May 2012.

Meek Mill reacts to his judge being stripped of cases

Boosie was arrested on drug-related charges on two more occasions, most recently after one traffic stop in Georgia. During the stop, police officers claimed they could smell marijuana in the SUV in which the rapper was a passenger, leading them to search the vehicle and find a bag of weed and a large bag of cash.

Boosie was cited for possession of marijuana and allowed to leave the scene.

ONE 2019 traffic stop led authorities in Coweta County — just outside of Atlanta — to find a loaded 9mm handgun, marijuana and over $20,000 in cash in Boosie Badazz’s car. He was eventually charged with possession of marijuana, possession of THC and possession of a firearm during a felony.

He avoided prison after pleading guilty to misdemeanor possession of marijuana in exchange for having two other charges — possession of a controlled substance and failure to maintain lane — dropped.

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