Blueface Says He’s ‘Officially Done’ With Chrisean Rock

Blueface has declared that his relation to Chrisean Rock is officially over after her announcement that she is expecting her first child.

On Friday (January 20), which was Blueface’s 26th birthday, Rock subtly revealed her pregnancy with a tweet that simply read: “Happy Birthday Baby Daddy [tongue out emoji].” Moments later, the “Thotiana” rapper told fans that going forward, the two will only be business associates as he does not believe the child is his.

“To answer all of you questions yes me a rock is officially done it’s strictly business I tried it and obviously it didn’t work until she announced,” he wrote. “She’s pregnant with someone else’s child, not mine [prayer hands emoji].”

He went on to back up the claim in a later tweet that read: “Rock has had encounters with 10 different men in the last year until I see a DNA test it’s not mine [shrug emoji].”

Chrisean Rock echoed his statement with a response challenging his accusation. “So what happens when you eat all your mean words,” she tweeted. “I have not been sexually active with anyone, but a plus who can [be] a DNA test…”

She added: “N ion need money, I have my own, I don’t need a baby dad, I’m just having this baby because I don’t want to keep having abortions.”

In December, Chrisean Rock admitted that during their relationship, she and her on-again-off-again partner have aborted at least three pregnancieswhile telling the hosts on Know it for sure podcast about her possibly being pregnant again.

After their initial Twitter exchange on Friday, Chrisean Rock and Blueface continued to throw jabs at each other on the platform for over an hour. As the conversation continued, Rock eventually revealed to her followers that the couple had already called it quits before she announced she was expecting.

“Promise. I don’t need a cent from you,” she wrote. “Then we took a DNA test and it’s yours, just know I want to tell my kids you died so you wouldn’t have an excuse to be in the kid’s life. This is my baby n dats dat. “

She continued: “We broke up before we knew I was pregnant. I still don’t do anything sexual with any guy. I’d be stupid if I didn’t know for sure.”

Chrisean Rock also mentioned the possibility of a pregnancy during her recent fleeting appearance with Blueface.

At the beginning of the couple’s interview on The sharp tank podcast, which was uploaded to YouTube on Friday, asked host Sharp Chrisean Rock why she seemed upset. “I’m not sorry, I just told you, I’m emotional right now,” she replied. “It’s either my period or I’m pregnant.”

On Thursday, No jumperthe platform where the podcast is hosted shared footage of an incident moments later when Rock had to be forcibly removed from the studio where the interview was being filmed.

Hours after the video was shared on social media and eventually went viral, Chrisean Rock explained the events that led to her expulsion in a lengthy Instagram post. “Blue told them to take me out of the interview when I got up after I said something to [sic] revealing it wasn’t a good look for blue,” the message began.

Blueface defends calling Chrisean Rock a ‘bitch’: ‘That’s what you are’

Rock went on to say that what set off the whole episode was her contradicting Blueface’s account of an incident where he claimed she attacked him with a piece of glass during an argument, prompting him to hit her back. His ex-girlfriend and former artist maintains that he delivered the first blow.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s often violent relationship drama has played out publicly, on social media and most recently on reality televisionsince before they confirmed that they were indeed dating. Their tumultuous relationship has resulted in several public space, arrests and property damage.

The couple made headlines again earlier the following week Blue mocked his girlfriend in a new Twitter rant who heard him refer to his son’s mother as an ideal woman.

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