Blueface challenges academics to a fight as the beef heats up

Blueface and Academics’ Beef has continued to simmer on social media, with the “Thotiana” rapper challenging the media personality to a fight.

The spat between the pair was sparked earlier this month when they traded shots over each other’s careers and suspected financial struggles on Twitter.

Fuel was added to the feud over the weekend when Blueface Akademiks shouted during a recent No Jumper interview for hate to see his Madly in love reality serieswhich follows his turbulent relationship with girlfriend Chrisean Rock.

In response, Akademiks claimed during a Twitch stream that Blueface’s $1.5 million “camouflage” house is in pre-foreclosure and challenged the “broken” rapper to produce financial documents to prove him wrong.

It appears that there is some truth to Ak’s claim as Blueface explained in a tweet on Sunday (January 22) that his lender is currently trying to repossess the property, which is his second home, due to an excessive number of “nuisance” calls.

“They are trying to take my other house because the police have labeled it a ‘nuisance’ to the area due to … too many 911 calls for robberies-shootings ETC,” he wrote. “I know ak thought he ate and had a way of saying he had more can than me, but money can’t fix everything, ak has 1 house he rents.”

He added: “Key word is they ‘test’ guarantee they don’t and I’ll still have more houses than @Akademiks in his old age.”

Blueface then mocked one of the media personality’s sources of income, writing: “Akademiks make money off donations, get a real job bro.”

Akademiks fired back by ridiculing Blueface for claiming under his No jumper interview it Drake followed Chrisean Rock on Instagram because he is “in love” with the LA rapper.

“Blueface on drugs guys,” he wrote. “It was confirmed to me by a few people and when he definitely said that Drake followed his girl because he was in love with him… Cmon though. Get some help.”

The back and forth continued Monday (Jan. 23) when Blueface tagged Akademiks in a photo of a letter he received in April 2021 about one of his properties as proof that he’s “had these homes for a while now .”

“You rented out your first house last year, I’m already on my 3rd bridge stop it…it’s crazy work,” he said.

Blueface then fired off a series of tweets claiming that he is currently “teaching” Akademiks about owning property while also clowning him for “barely leasing” [his] first house at 31″ and being “in a room on twitch thanking people for donations playing with themselves.”

The 26-year-old then upped the ante by posting a video of Akademiks challenges Lil Baby to a fight, and posed the same challenge to the podcast host. “I’ll take the fad ak?” he wrote along with a boxing glove emoji.

“By not turning down the fade after you’ve said everything, that too little baby, your next response must be that you best catch yourself in a mousetrap now,” he added, further taunting his rival.

Hours later, Blueface returned to Twitter to throw more shots at Akademiks after the media personality did not respond.

“Crickets,” he tweetedBefore adds: “Crazy n-ggas pick who to be rough with, who to argue with tho.”

Akademiks accuses Lil Baby of ducking his fight challenge and pulls out receipts

He also posted a clip of Akademiks seemingly withdrawing his challenge to Lil Baby by saying he won’t box him, followed by a GIF of Deebo from Friday threatened Red’s father during a scene in the film.

β€œHad all the energy for lil baby because I said I’m not actually boxing you [crying face emoji],” he wrote.

Akademiks eventually responded in disparaging fashion by bringing up Blueface’s latest claims that Chrisean Rock’s unborn child is not his as she has slept with “10 different men in the last year,while ridiculing her repeated physical attacks on him.

“Fight the 10 N-gga’s that sent your girl out + the girl that keeps beating your ass and IM100% down N-gga. MMA shit,” he replied. “Imma buy your foreclosure house and throw you out and your child and your child’s mother out and the 10 n-ggas she has done damn it!!!!! [crying face emojis].”

He continued: “Blueface said 10 N-ggas F*CKED ​​his girl in the last year and she still dropped a video of him eating that nasty SNATCH. even up to your responsibility. U FINNA BE ON CHILD RELATIONSHIP @bluefacebleedem. GET YOUR MAN back from your girl.”

Akademiks then proposed hosting a paternity test for Chrisean Rock’s child on his Twitch channel, offering each of the 10 men she allegedly slept with $5,000 to participate.

“I got $5K per N-gga who fucked a BLUEFACE girl who went down to get on my twitch stream and break it down how it happened. DNA test included,” he wrote. “F* ck Maury. BIG AK can do a paternity test for the broken Ass N-gga BLUEFACE. I pledge $50,000 for this effort. WHO GOT BLUEFACE girl pregnant.”

Blueface is far from the first rapper Akademiks has sparred with on social media. Most recently have Off the Record host drawing the ire of Yung Miami after he alluded to her being Diddy’s “side chick” after birth of Puff’s newest child with 28-year-old Dana Tran.

β€œI’M NO SIDE BITCH. I ain’t coming 2nd to no bitch!” that City girls star clapped back in a tweet. “Akademiks my name is not dick keep it out of your mouth!!! You are the type of N-gga my uncle who takes life sentences for BITCH ASS N-GGA!!!!!”

Academics later retracted his comments after revealing that the Bad Boy boss DMed him.

“Diddy even DM’d me today,” he said during a Twitch stream last month, without revealing what was said in the message. “Diddy, I’m not a gamer hater. I love you, so I’m just going to back off this one, I’m not even going to go all crazy like that.”

He added:[Yung Miami] read comments, Diddy. I do not know what to do! She’s been reading comments now, she’s on everyone’s head – it’s not just me. She is a queen, I love her. She’s no longer a page girl.”

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