blink-182 Head to Flavortown with the New Guy Fieri Merchandise Collab

blink 182 has gone along with food media Guy Fieri for a limited release of merchandise between the two, dubbed “blink-182 x Flavortown.”

The profit from the special edition goes to Guy Fieri Foundationthe non-profit culinary host and presenter who uses cooking and education to “support, uplift and encourage our community,” according to the organization’s website.

See the merchance at the bottom of this post.

“Happy 182-day!” blink 182 tweeted Friday (July 1st). “Celebrate with new merch, including collaborating with @GuyFieri and @seancliver.” Sean Cliver is a skateboard artist who contributed a vibrant new blink-182 graphic to a special skate deck that is also now available.

The Blink-182 x Flavortown series includes a T-shirt and an apron, both perfect for a holiday afternoon outside grilling with family and friends.

Fieri and blink-182 are friends themselves. During a chat with blink-182s Mark Hoppus on the musician’s After-school radio last year, Fieri shared his love for metal bands such as Rage Against the Machine and Metallica. About the same time, Fieri left incognito at a Slipknot show. Of course, Fieri also has a tequila company with another friend in music, Van Halen alun Sammy Hagar.

Last year, Hoppus said he was “cancer free“after revealing one cancer diagnosis in June. Earlier in the week blink-182s Travis Barker was notified hospitalized for pancreatitis.

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blink-182 x Guy Fieri “Flavortown” Collaborative Merchandise Release – Product Images

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