Watch Billy Joel Cover ‘People Get Ready’ in tribute to Jeff Beck

Billy Joel saluted Jeff Beck last night at his concert in New York City with a cover of “People are getting ready.”

The song was originally written by Curtis Mayfieldand later recorded by Beck with Rod Stewart. It appeared on Beck’s 1985 album, Flashand although it was not a big hit for the guitarist, it became a staple of his set lists and one of his most recognizable songs.

“He was a musician that I always loved. He was the best,” Joel told the crowd at Madison Square Garden on Friday. “I couldn’t let the night go by without doing something about Jeff.” While Joel sat at the piano, his band members traded vocal lines.

Then, at the end of the concert, Joel slipped in another Beck tribute. As the band finished Joel’s 1980 track, “You May Be Right,” they stayed on stage and began jamming to “Crashes,” a song written by Don Nix that the Jeff Beck Group included on their 1972 self-titled album. “We should have practiced it,” Joel said onstage before asking for the key to the song and jamming on.

You can watch footage from the concert below.

Beck died earlier this week at the age of 78 after a brief battle with bacterial meningitis.

“He was one of my heroes,” Joel shared Twitter follows the news. “I was lucky enough to meet him recently and I’m very grateful now that I was able to tell him how much I admired his musical ability. This is the end of an era.”

Watch Billy Joel Cover ‘People Get Ready’ in tribute to Jeff Beck

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