Biggie honored with Limited Edition Air Jordan Sneakers

The infamous BIG will be honored with a limited edition commemorative Air Jordan Sneaker Hip Hop’s 50th Birthday this year.

The gorgeous new sneakers were unveiled on the legendary rapper’s official Instagram page and were announced as a collaboration between the shoe brand and The Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation. The Christopher Wallace Air Jordan XIIIs are now available for auction, with bids starting at $1.

“In a moment to fight for confidence, @jumpman23, The Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation and @sothebys collaborated on a limited release Christopher Wallace Air Jordan XIII in honor of #JORDANYEAR (2023) and the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop,” the caption read . “23 pairs of The Christopher Wallace Air Jordan XIII are now open for bidding until February 3rd, with bids starting at $1.”

It continued: “Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation, which aims to empower inner-city youth with educational learning tools, sponsorships, grants and community-based mentoring programs and campaigns, all in keeping with its motto, Think BIG.” Books instead of weapons.”

The super-rare kicks will also be on public display at Sotheby’s New York galleries from Monday (January 23) to February 3.

A separate post went into more detail on the Christopher Wallace Air Jordan XIII, highlighting the sneaker’s unique features, which include a print-detailed insole and the Biggie silhouette on the tongue.

“In addition to the sneaker’s highlights listed below, the design features an inspired special edition with print detailing on the insole – all styling that has become synonymous with The NOTORIOUS BIG,” the caption read.

“Sneaker features: A silhouette of Biggie on the tongue, Tongue branding highlighting his infamous lyrics: ‘It Was All A Dream’ and ‘If You Don’t Know, Now You Know’. Classic red and black plaid flannel pattern on sock liners. Laces inscribed with the word ‘dream’ on the angler. Special edition inspired print details on the insole.”

The Christopher Wallace Air Jordan XIII is just the latest apparel to be released in support of Hip Hop’s 50th birthday this year. In Biggie’s hometown of New York City, Grandmaster Flash, Roxanne Shante and other rap legends visited the Big Apple’s City Hall last November to announce planned celebrations for Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary and said they would slowly start rolling out this year.

Photos taken at the event showed several rap pioneers – including Slide Rick — stood with the city’s current mayor, Eric Adams, as they talked about the festivities planned in coordination with the Bronx Universal Hip Hop Museumwhich will finally open its doors in 2024.

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“Today hip hop legends gathered at City Hall to announce @uhhmuseum and NYC’s plan to celebrate hip hop’s 50th anniversary in 2023,” Flash wrote on Instagram. “It’s going to be big – I can’t wait to get started.”

The collection came after Mayor Adams approved $5.5 million in funding to the Bronx Museum last August.

“For the first time in the history of New York City, we have a Hip Hop mayor,” Adams said during a press conference, standing next to Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons. Laurie Cumbo, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs Commissioner, was also in attendance.

“We have the power now to use the experiences of these men and women here to reform how we use music to educate our children,” Adams said. “To not only build this project, but to make sure that the young people on this project don’t have a steel gun, but a steel hammer, so they can be a part of the construction.”

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