Beyonce’s song titles were the subject of a viral traffic report, and Tina Lawson loves it

The Beyhive has come offline and on TV screens. NBC Philadelphia reporter Sheila Watko provided the traffic report earlier this week and inserted several song titles from Beyonce‘s discography into her dialogue, including tracks from renaissance, much to the delight of Bey’s mother, Tina Lawson.



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See the latest videos, charts and news

“Thanks, Bill, I always appreciate it when you ‘Say my name.’ If you’re just waking up, I hope you had some ‘Sweet Dreams,’ but the traffic is getting ‘heated up,’ and that starting to ‘Break My Soul’ just a little bit,” Watko begins the Bey-themed traffic report. . “If you think it seems slower than normal, it’s just not ‘All Up In Your Mind’. It’s because all lanes are closed in both directions, it’s because of a downdraft.”

She continued, “Listen, I told you a moment ago that I-95 still looks good right around Cottman Avenue. Now this is going to look like I’m lying because it’s pretty crammed, but at least I’m a ‘Pretty Little Liar’. … This is the last ‘Countdown’ out here because every time I check, it’s getting more and more crowded as you go all the way down to Center City.”

Before announcing, Watko reminded viewers to take precautions while out on the roads in light of the traffic. “We need you to be careful when you walk out the door, start your commute to work, make that money, pay those ‘bills, bills, bills’. Just ‘Bey’ alert out there. If everybody take it easy this morning, we can be ‘Wildly in Love’ with a nice, leisurely commute,” she concluded.

The Beyoncé puns didn’t stop there. Watko tweeted of the video, “When the traffic is *jumpin, jumpin*, it’s time to pay tribute to Queen Bey, who I’m *dangerously in love* with.”

Lawson loved the news tribute to her daughter and posted the video to her Instagram account on Thursday (August 4). “This is so cool!! All song titles [sic]”, she captioned the video with a crying laughing emoji and a red heart emoji.

Watch the video — and try to catch every Beyoncé pun in Watko’s traffic report — below.

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