Watch Awakened Sevenfold’s Synyster Gates Beatbox

M. Shadows and Synyster ports shared what was likely an off-the-man joke while in the studio recording Afenged Sevenfold‘s new album. It involves one of the purest, most difficult and potentially annoying musical talents: Beatboxing.

In a video shared from Shadows’ twitter on Saturday (July 30), Gates sits on a sofa in the studio with some kind of microphone pickup between his hands. Avenged 7X’s lead guitarist beatboxes a beautiful lean line while a labrador checks out the action at his feet. Gates showcases a few classic beatboxing techniques, mimicking both snare and bass drums and injecting an “uh-huh-uh-huh” scratch every now and then. (Sorry for the uber-technical references there.) Check out the video at the end.

The beatbox video followed a poll from Shadows, asking: “So @Synyster ports sitting here with me in the studio trying to convince me that he should beatbox on this record. I told him I wanted to gather opinions.”

Shadows’ Twitter followers seemed to favor it, by about 56 to 44 percent (though we’d hardly call it a mandate.) Sometime later in the day, Shadows bowed to the will of the people and at least partially caved to Gates. However, we won’t know if that beatbox actually made it onto the record for at least a few months.

Avenged have been very conscious of releasing any music. Shadows gave us one updated timeline on the new album release a few months ago, saying it didn’t happen during the summer, but more likely late ’22 or early ’23. Considering they’re still in the middle of filming now, it seems the latter is more likely.

Shadows has been freer to share his thoughts on a variety of topics in the meantime. He has spoken about the state of the metal scene (needs improvement) the music streaming industry (a gift from God) and a classic Guns ‘N’ Roses record (deserves more credit) among other things. Avenged recently celebrated 21st anniversary of the release of their debut album“To sound the seventh trumpet.”

Watch Gates beatboxing right below here. And we’ve included the old school beatbox classic “La Di Da Di” from a Doug E. Fresh performance at the Apollo after that, for reference. And because we like to party.

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