The 5 best zombie-themed music videos

Stu Folsom, leader of the “death western” metal group SpiritWorld, is here to take you on a brain-hungry ride through the best zombie-themed music videos.

The band have a trilogy of their own blood-spattered, western-tinged videos dating back to “The Bringer Of Light” single from Pagan rhythms debut album and up to the present with cinematic pieces for “Relic of Damnation” and the Deathwestern album’s title track, so who better than Folsom to talk shop about other artists who have delved into the world of the undead?

If you’re not familiar with SpiritWorld, well… you’re really missing out. They are quite groove intensive with melodic accents and muscular hardcore riffs that all come together to make for some decidedly catchy tracks. It’s not so much genre-mashing as it is genre-melting, creating a fresh new sound with an even fresher look. It might also be the first time that rhinestones and cowboy hats haven’t been off-putting at all in heavy metal, so credit to Folsom for pulling off the impossible.

The lesson here? Come for the zombies, stay for the six-shooters and riffs.

Before we get to Folsom’s picks further down the page for the best zombie-themed music videos, check out the video for SpiritWorld’s “Deathwestern” song directly below. Searching Deathwestern to release the Nov. 25 on Century Media (get your copy here) and follow the band further Instagram, Facebook and Spotify.

SpiritWorld, “Deathwestern” music video

  • Bloodbath, “Zombie Inferno”

    Hot rods, fire, blood, riffs! The carnage explodes through the end times, wiping out zombies behind the wheel of a mean muscle car. What’s not to love?

  • Rob Zombie, “Living Dead Girl”

    Sheri Moon Zombie is great as the Living Dead Girl in Rob’s Spooky Show. Her contacts and eye makeup are A+. Shout out to whoever the makeup artist was on this.

  • Obituary, “Violence”

    Cartoon ‘Bit videos are shit. I love this one. John then amputates and dismembers a zombie that’s a tar and feathers guitar solo, and then Godzilla throws the boys across town to the venue… Banger!

  • Fulci, “Voices”

    I dig this video directed by Lorenzo Lepori. What can go wrong? Badass band in capes revived into brain eaters, tons of haze, skulls and a weird naked babe? Fulci does not disappoint.

  • Run the Jewels, “Never Look Back”

    RTJ took George Romeo’s public domain classic and made a beautiful video. Really good idea. Great execution.

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