First Stream Latin: New music from Kany Garcia & Christian Nodal, Natalia Lafourcade and more

First Stream Latin is a collection of the best new Latin songs, albums and videos recommended by Billboard Latin editors. See this week’s picks below.

Kany García & Christian Nodal, “La Siguente” (Sony Music Entertainment/5020 Records)

Kany García and Christian Nodal have teamed up for the heartfelt and potent “La Siguiente” (The Next), produced by Richi Lopez. In an urban ranchera, the Puerto Rican artist opens up with mature lyrics about evolving after a relationship that was toxic and narcissistic. “I’m starting to like the woman I’m slowly saving/ You were right when you said I had to change/ I had to change my partner, I had to start from scratch and uproot you/ I knew that the happier you saw me, you’d come back,” she sings. Nodal’s powerful vocals are of a man reflecting on his bad decisions. “What did you expect from a street dog that never learned about love? […] I was a coward when I had you in front of me,” he sings. In the music video, both Nodal and García reminisce about their past relationships, but ultimately García has moved on to a healthier one. Cazzu also makes a cameo in the clip. — JESSICA ROIZ

Natalia Lafourcade, “De Todas las Flores” (Sony Music México)

Natalia Lafourcade’s music is pure poetry, and her newest single, “De Todas Las Flores,” is no exception. “Of all the flowers we planted, only a few still bloom,” she sings with her typical emotional delivery. “Every morning they wonder when you will come and sing for them.” The five-minute ballad almost seems like it’s built from short poems that create a short story that may seem like a heartbreaking track at first listen, but at its core is a love letter to our souls. “I wrote it in 2018, after a romantic breakup,” Natalia said of the song. “Sometimes we have to experience such moments to understand that love is more closely connected to the relationship we honor with ourselves.” This new single previews Lafourcade’s upcoming album (due October 28), her first of brand new original material in seven years. — GRISELDA FLORES

Carin Leon, “Si Es Cierto Que Te Vas” (Tamarindo Rekordsz)

Carin León’s music always finds a way to ignite a deep connection with our souls. His new single, “Si Es Cierto Que Te Vas” is a power ballad that perfectly matches his deep raspy vocals and is fused with country and bolero. The track is a compelling story that allows Leon to sing emotionally packed lyrics of an all too relatable situation. “If it’s true that you’re leaving, close the door from the outside. I don’t care anymore. I’m fine if you don’t come back, I’m not going to cry for you, my patience is over,” Leon sings emotionally . — INGRID FAJARDO

Boza & Beéle, “Qué Prefieres?” (Sony Music Latin)

Two of Latin music’s breakout stars (and Billboardin 2022 Latin artists to watch) have teamed up on “Que Prefieres?” (what do you prefer?) The Panamanian artist and Colombian act sings about situations and friends with benefits to bring up a topic that is very common in the dating world. “You still confuse me. If you’re confused, don’t be jealous/ Tell me what you want, do you want sex or do you really like me?” says the chorus. In the captivating reggaetón track produced by Faster (real name: Irving Quintero), Boza’s smooth vocals blend perfectly with Beele’s higher notes. “Que Prefieres” marks the pair’s second collaborative effort after “Ella (Remix).” – JR

Aitana, “Otra Vez” (Universal Music Spain)

The Spanish singer-songwriter’s sweet vocals lead “Otra Vez,” a melodic pop track driven by mesmerizing guitar riffs. Still on the theme from her last album, 11 reasons, Aitana once again touches on heartbreak. In this new song, she’s as vulnerable as ever as doubts take over and she wonders if ending a relationship was the right move. “Maybe you’re not for me and I’m tired of suffering…how will I go on without you?” — GF

Río Roma & Pepe Aguilar, “Será Prudente?” (Sony Music México)

Río Roma’s music has always thrived on its romantic essence, and this time is no different – especially after being joined by ranchera giant Pepe Aguilar. “Será Prudente?” is a powerful ranchera about forbidden loves: “I love you, you don’t know what I’d do to you,” the group sings in the chorus. The duo celebrates their Mexican heritage with this track, part of their EP Six Canciones and Tequilaan album featuring some of today’s most prominent names in regional Mexican. – WHOSE

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