Behemoth play four ‘Opvs Contra Natvram’ songs for live stream from Warsaw Rooftop Landmark

Behemoth will whet their fans’ appetites this week when the band play a rooftop performance from Warsaw’s famous Palace of Culture and Science, but just because you’re not in Warsaw doesn’t mean you can’t see it. The group have also just announced their “Opvs Contra Cvltvram” live stream, where you can watch the band play four new tracks from their Opvs Contra Natvram album.

Nergal, Inferno, Orion and Seth will take the stage Thursday (September 15) at 12:00 PM ET, just one day before the new album’s release, giving fans an early listen to what’s to come from the highly anticipated new offering. You can tune in via the band’s YouTube channel or watch via the player at the bottom of this screen when the performance goes live.

Frontman Nergal says: “Legions! We’ve gathered on top of Poland’s infamous Palace of Culture to perform four brand new tracks from our record Opvs Contra Natvram, released this Friday! For a long time Behemoth has been censored and persecuted by the Catholic Church at the behest of our fascist government. This performance, with the backdrop of this building, represents a monumental middle finger to these pigs and another to Joseph Stalin and his Soviet circle jerks. Viva Freedom!”

The group released their song “Off to war” back in June. The new 10-track album is out this Friday (September 16) via Nuclear Blast, and pre-orders are currently being taken here.

Behemoth, “Opvs Contra Cvltvram” Livestream (Live Atop The Palace of Culture)

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