Bands You Didn’t Realize turns 50 in 2023

It’s eye-opening when you realize that 1973 was 50 years ago. The only thing more eye-opening is when you realize that some of your favorite rock bands formed that year, making them five decades old.

A lot happened in the world of rock and metal in 1973. Rob Halford replaced Al Atkins Judas Priest. David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes replaced Ian Gillan and Roger Glover in Dark purple. Aerosmith released their eponymous debut album and Pink Floyd released The dark side of the moon. David Bowie announced that he was retiring his Ziggy Stardust persona on stage during a show in London. There was a shortage of vinyl records because of a oil crisis initiated by OPEC.

We’re technically still experiencing a shortage of vinyl, but other than that, a lot has changed in the music business.

We thought it would be fun to look back at some of the legendary bands that formed 50 years ago, so we compiled a gallery of them. Some of the groups had already existed before ’73, but finalized their lineups or formally began going by a particular moniker that year. KISS, AC/DC and Trip are some of the bigger names you’ll see, and you can scroll through the photos to learn about the rest.

Bands You Didn’t Realize turns 50 in 2023

These bands celebrate 50 years in 2023.

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