Bands that broke up in 2022

This year was a heartbreaking year for countless metalheads, punks and rock fans who lost their favorite bands. These are the bands that broke up in 2022.

Broken off Every time I die was a gut punch in the very first days of 2022. The cult band had just released what many considered to be their best album ever with Radicalbut tensions between the instrumental section of ETID and vocalist Keith Buckley proved to be prohibitive.

Several members of Every Time I Die eventually teamed up in the studio with the producer Will Putney, but no music has been released yet. Keith Buckley has since performed a number of solo shows, but no new music from the singer has been announced.

2022 was also that year NOFX announced the culmination of their careers. The announcement came in true punk rock fashion, with Fat Mike breaking the news to a fan Instagram comment section. With 40 years of history behind them, NOFX will say goodbye by playing 40 shows consisting of 40 songs each, without repeating the same set list twice. 2024 will probably be the last year for NOFX, but what is certain is that the punk legends will be missed.

See our full list of the bands that broke up in 2022 below. Here’s to better luck next year.

Bands that broke up in 2022

Unfortunately, these bands either announced a breakup, went on indefinite hiatus, or broke up entirely in 2022.

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